New Formats

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Another thing you could do is rewrite a scene in a different point of view. Write a first person scene in third person, or a first person scene from third person point of view.

If you want to take this a bit further, you can try writing in a completely different format. Write a scene as a screenplay or stage play. Transcribe it as a radio show. What would a talk show interview with the protagonist sound like? What would the book look like if it were written in verse? What would it look like as a graphic novel? If you made it into a television series, who would your dream cast be?

Creative exercises like these are not only good for fleshing out characters. They’re also great for re-motivating you to work on a manuscript you’ve gotten a little bored of (it happens to the best of us). It’s a great opportunity to look at both your characters and plot in a fresh way.

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