#5: Jealous Problems

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"Adria! Get back here!"

James was beyond pissed! I of course being me ignored me and kept walking. I heard David's voice. I turned and ran to him giving him a hug. He laughed and hugged me lifting me off the ground by two feet at least.

"Hey Adria! How was your day?"

I smiled up at him  and joined our arms by interlocking them.

"Hey did you know our Alpha is a Senior? I heard he met his mate today/"

"I know! Let me tell you he is a husge ass! He's overprotective, arrogant, bossy and extremely possessive!" 

I said a little irritated.

"How do you know this?" 

He asked a little surprised that I would talk in such a way about our Alpha.

"I mean... Umm... Well... You see... The thing is...-"


I heard along with an extremely loud growl. 

I saw my brother being pushed to fall on the ground, since our arms were interlocked, I went down with him. I ended up being crushed to the ground by my brother. I was stuck between my over-grown brother and the cold tile floor.

I groaned in pain becasue my brother was heavy. He was pulled off of me and I felt sparks on my cheeks. I opened my eyes to find that my vision was blurry, but once it back to normal I saw a worried James holding my face looking to see if I was hurt.

"I'm fine, don't worry!" 

I snapped at him. I was not in the mood for his possessiveness right now.

"Why were you in another guy's arms? No one is allowed to touch you except me!"

His eyes were dark, so I decided not to argue.

"Calm down you idiot, that'smy brother!"

I looked to see him already up staring at me in surprise for talking to out Alpha like that.

The look on James' face was priceless! I had to fight hard not to burst into laughter.

"Oh! He's your... And your his...?" 

I quickly turned beat red and came close to my brother who had crossed his arms to look a little more threatening.

"Hey man, I appologize for pushing you like that. I just don't like other guys touching what's mine."

He said with a rougher tone on the last couple of words.

"Don't worry about the pushing man, I was wondering why you said she was 'yours'"

He said a little nervous knowing he shouldn't question the Alpha. I saw James get tense when DAvid asked him this. He simply smirked and said

"She is my mate and I intend to keep her with me."

He said as if challenging my brother. James' eyes got darker to see the reaction my brother would give. David tensed up at hearing this. He turned to me and I rolled my eyes as if saying, 'Just go with it'. I just hope he lets me stay at my house. I am not staying with him. I refuse to. I still like to live in my house.

"Where will she sleep Alpha?"

My brother asked. James turned to look at me and smirked knowing that what he would say next would piss me off more than anything.

"With me of course, at the pack house."

My brother nodded in agreement not wanting to defy the Alpha. I scoffed.

"Like Hell! I'm not staying with you! I want to stay at MY House with MY Family! In MY Room!"

His eyes widened as they got darker. 

"You will do as I say Adria! No and's if's or but's. You're staying with me and that's final!"

He yelled at me  really loud. I flinched and backed away from him and moved towards my brother to stand behind him for protection.

James looked hurt by what I had done. He gave one step forward and I gave one step back. One step at a time we did this until I was up against a walland he was one inch away from me cupping my face with a worried expression.

"I'm sorry Princess, I didn't mean to yell."

I nodded my head.

"It's okay."

I tried to head to my car but  James grabbed my wrist.

"Where you going love?"

"To my car."

I said in a duh type of tone.

"I'll take you to your house, give your keys to your brother."

"I can take myself thank you."

James seemed to get a little frustrated, his eyes darkened a touch.

"No, I'm taking you and that's final!"



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