Chapter 3: First Day

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Danielle's POV:

I was having the most beautiful sleep in my whole life where I was about to kiss Liam James Payne on the lips but thanks to Knight, it was interrupted!! Geez! Thank you so much Knight! I'd totally love you for that.

He kept waking me up until I have the guts to slap him on the face but not that hard. I would never ruin that beautiful face of his. I guess I have no choice but to get up and get ready.

Wearing a white v-neck long sleeve blouse and black skinny jeans with some red hearts on it, paired with some brown boots, light make- up and a back pack, I can say to myself that I'm satisfied with my look. Simple yet elegant.

That's what Knight kept saying to me, being simple and wearing simplicity is the best way to attract the right guy for you and it also shows your true character.

You can be simple and elegant at the same time. it doesn't just show how you dress but how you can carry the dress elegantly.

My Heart is really beating fast and Yes! I'm really really nervous. Maybe, its because I'm just new here and I don't know anyone, except for Knight.

We were walking in the school hallway and I can see all eyes on me and Knight. The funny thing about Knight is his brother over protectiveness.  That's what I miss about him.

I mean whenever a guy stares at me he would hold my waist and pull me closer to him then gives them his killer death glare.

He showed me to my locker, which is not very from his  Then he gave me my schedule. Guess what? We are classmates in 3 subjects only.

He then showed me three school pamplets, the school map, rules and regulation, and the school organization.

After he showed those three school pamplets, he crumbled it and throw it in the trash can. " lWhat's that for?" I asked with a confused look.

"You don't need those! You got me!" He smirked with full of confidence.

"That's what I'm worried about" I joked and earn a playful from you. "Come on! Let's go neet some of my friends." He said.

Approaching some student, he suddenly grab my waist and pulled me closer to him. "No boys are staring at me Knight" I said. He look at for a second. "I know!" He said.

I gave him an akward look that made him confused "Ok! I gave up! Wha-" but he was interrupted by a female voice.

"Xander Baby!" A female voice said. He loosen his grip on my waist and turn around to see who was calling him.

I saw a blonde girl wearing a white tube, a black mini skirt and a five inched red high heels. We both look at each other. He gave me an embarrasing look while I gave him a smirked.

The blonde girl puts her arms around knight's neck. "Baby! What happen to you? I was waiting for you last Saturday but you didn't showed up." She said, doing the puppy eyes.

If I remember last saturday, Knight was with me the whole time. He picked me at the airport.

This is the reason why I hate school.

"Uhh! sorry Gwen. There was some important matters that I have to attend to." he said, trying to keep his face away from her.

While I, on the other hand, was trying very hard not to laugh out loud. Man! It's really funny. Knight's face was so priceless.

So, this is the Gwen that Knight was talking about, Knight was one hundred percent right about her.

"Important matters? Baby, what's so important than me? I mean! I was waiting for you that day" she said.

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