Chapter 2: Shops Secrets

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Danielle's POV:

I started waking up as soon as I felt the sunlight touches my eyes. I sat up and notice that Knight was gone and he left me a note saying;


Sorry if I have left you alone in the house, I just didn't want you to wake up yet, I'll be right back and make sure you are ready by the time I got home cause you and I are going shopping.

P.S. Don't make breakfast anymore just get ready!


Seeing the note I got up and did some little stretching and fix Knight's bed. For the record, I just slept with him so I wouldn't feel so alone and I mean I look up to Knight like is my brother. Well! He is also my bestfriend and Knight look up to me like a sister and a bestfriend.

This is the special relationship that we have that people would never understand. After I fix his bed I went to get my stuffs and took a shower.

I look at myself on the mirror for the last time. Now that I am satisfied with my look I went downstairs and waited for Knight.

Minutes passed when I heard a knock on the door. I open it and I saw Knight holding brown bag. "Are you ready?" he asked. I smiled and nodded. He lock the door and grab my hand and escort me to his black chervolet.

Once we were inside the car he put the brown bag on my lap "What's this?" I asked as I open the bag. He smiled at me and said "A double cheesebuger and a hot sweet chocolate".

I offered him my cheeseburger but he refused "So tell me why are going shopping because I know you hate shopping" I said as I took a sip on my chocolate. "Because you are going to school tomorrow." he said, focusing on the road.

Good thing I've finished my cheeseburger or else I would be choking by now. I looked at him with a confused look "School?" I asked.

He turn to me and then focused back on the road. "I called May and James and I told them what happen. I told them that you're here. I also told them that since it's only two months when school started you can transfer and start your school here so I keep an eyes and protect you at the same tine. Luckily they agree with me."

May and James are not my real parents but they are the one who raised me up and love me as their own. They found me on their doorstep in the middle of the night, soaking wet. They don't care about what people say that I'm not their real daughter because to them, I will always be real. I love them so much that even if my real parents shows up I'll still choose May and James.

"They will always agree in everything you say because they trust you." I smiled. "But I can't believe that I'm staying here. I just hope I can cope up with you guy in school" I said. I kissed him on the cheeks and thank him.

He smiled at me "I told you I won't let anyone or anything hurt you again" he said.

Xander's POV:

Ugh! I hate shopping! If it wasn't for Lockette, I would have stayed home with her. If you're wondering what I did this morning? Let's say that I'd enroll Lockette and have a pack meeting.

The pack meeting was all about nothing but rogues. Sky is going somewhere for an investigation and only the beta, the third, and the three best warrior knows it. Meaning, I'll be in charged for a week. I also told them about Lockette but I didn't tell the real reason why she's here.

I hope I can pull this off! I was staring at Lockette, who is busy eating a salad. Should I tell her now? I mean right now? What if she got scared? What if she left and never returned?

"Knight? Are you okay? Is there's something or someone bothering you?" she said with a concerned look.

I rub the back of my neck and cleared my throat. "Well! Actually there is something bothering me. I just found out when I first got here. I know we promise each other never to keep secrets but I wanted to tell you personally and not just through computers and-" Before I could continue she put her hands on top of mine and smiled

"If you don't want to tell me now and you're just waiting for the right time then I understand. Besides, I know that you wanted me to be okay first before telling me. But just remember that sooner or later, you need to tell me that so I know what I can do and you must have a very good explanation for not telling me sooner. Okay!" she said in a understanding tone.

I smiled and nodded to her but I also felt bad not telling her my secret. I look down in disappointed. "I'm sorry Lockette!" I said with such disgrace.

She tightens the grip on my hand put the other one in my chin, lifting it up.

"Hey! Don't be a fool! I understand. I'm always here for you no matter what happen and don't worry I'm not mad." she said, sweetly.

I glad that I met Lockette and I'm very lucky to have her as a sister and a bestfriend, but sometimes I preffered sister than a bestfriend.

Lockette drag me here and there, shop here and there, eat here and there, try this and that. In short we spent the whole day shopping, She was like a five year girl, she gets excited everytime she saw something new or unique.

Who can blame her? well no one cause this is her escape and I know how she feel and I wanna be there for her.

What I like about her is that she always smile even she has problems and she always know how handle those problem. I would never forget the time she saw me crying I tried to hide it but she told me this;

"Men don't cry but Real Men Do!" those are the words I would never forget. I didn't get it at first but when she explained to me, I was amazed.

"Men don't cry but Real Men Do! meaning that the real men are not afraid to show their soft side. Men are known for hiding there true feeling but hiding what you truly feels makes you weaker." She said.

That's Lockette for you! maybe acting like a five year girl sometimes but once you need her she can be a mother by staying by your side.

Man! I'm really exhausted! but I don't care as long I made her happy, everything is okay! Lockette decided to sleep in her room that means she feeling a little bit ok!

After slipping myself in bed, I turn off the light and close my and let darkness come in my eyes.


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