Philosophy with Kuurochii

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Filler Chapter for today, I'm sick rip


If Bitch sensei had a son, would her son be son of a bitch?

If somebody did something bad to Karma and Karma returned it back would it be 'Revenge' or 'Karma'?


fanon karma: bae bae bae

canon karma: child trying to understand life

fanon karma: always smirking

canon karma: wasabi kit

fanon karma: wants to fuck nagisa

canon karma: supporting nagisa bc they are good friends and that's what friends do


Karma: what the fuck-

Koro~sensei: Language!


Koro~sensei: *sigh* Youth these days~


everytime when karma and nagisa go out together and hangout, koro~sensei tags along hiding in the shadows with class 3e and record it like a doctumenrary


I'm feeling a little bit better!

【Requests are opened】

- Kuuro

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