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dacre shouted jumping on isabella's bed

"go awayyyy"
isabella groaned pulling the covers over her head

"HEY i woke up extra early for you"
dacre said flopping down on the bed

"uhh why"
she questioned

"because it's thanksgiving"
he replied

"bitch you don't even celebrate it here"
isabella said sitting up

"and that's why i'm just gonna take you to breakfast cause joe told me you guys always go eat breakfast"
dacre shrugged

"when the hell did you talk to joe"
she asked

"before i got here"
he answered

"alright let me get ready real fast"
isabella said getting out of bed & walking to the bathroom

dacre shouted to her

isabella shouted back getting ready

dacre laughed laying back & turning on the tv

"yanno french toast is so underrated"
isabella said stuffing french toast in her mouth

"you gotta point"
dacre laughed

"i can't believe i leave later"
isabella whined

"i can't believe you could only stay two days"
dacre whined back

"can't say no to work"
isabella said

"i do need to go to la for a week soon"
dacre smiled

she asked

he replied smirking

"fine i don't need to know"
isabella glared finishing her food

"good cause i'm not telling you"
he laughed

she said bluntly

he said back

she mumbled

"what was that"
dacre asked

"i asked if you were ready"
she laughed knowing her heard her

"so rude. but yes i am ready actually"
dacre laughed


"well dacre it's been fun but i gotta get going"
isabella said getting out of dacre's car

"call me when you land alright"
he said getting out as well & getting her bag

"okay i will"
she smiled hugging him

dacre hugged back with smile

she waved walking away

dacre shouted caused her to turn around

dacre looked around for a second before sighing running up to her & cupping her cheeks kissing her

isabella said pulling away

"i'm sorry i just had to"
dacre laughed nervously

"no it's okay but uhh why"
she laughed

"i missed you"
dacre admitted

"what do you mean"
she asked

"i miss us together"
he corrected

"you couldn't have picked a worse time"
isabella laughed

"i know but i just really needed to tell you before you left"
he laughed as well

"we'll talk about this later okay i really need to go"
isabella sighed hearing them call for her flight

dacre nodded hugging her one last time before watching her leave to get on her flight

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