The Promise

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I could hear rustling in the bushes behind me and saw Luffy behind me. I covered my eyes with my (h/c) locks, trying to stay strong for him. Luffy walked over to where I was sitting, and sat down next to me... calmly. ' He must have read the letter'

"I'm guessing you read the letter too." , I said with a solemn face as my tear stained cheeks attempted to smile," I just know he's alive, it's Sabo we're talking about here."

I said as I tried to cheer him and I up. Unexpectedly I wrapped my arms around him and placed a kiss on his cheek. We both started crying together, when Ace came out of the woods, tearing up like us.

Luffy begged Ace," Don't die, please" His face turning into a scowl as hot punched the top of his head.

" What gave you that idea?!", he yelled at him with a tick-mark on his head. Luffy looked up at him from under that famous straw hat. Ace stood tall and proud, full of strength, " I will never die!!"

I began bawling my eyes out. Standing up, I grabbed his shoulders and shook him. " You better not!!" , I said as he started crying too, and we all got into a group hug sharing our pain.

' I promise to protect the both of you... until the very day I die, because you guys are family. I would do anything for family. Anything.'

A/N: This one is short because I want to continue the storyline.

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