Trouble on Trash Mountain

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    For once the guys told me to guard the tree house, while they went to Gray Terminal.  I gave them the puppy eyes and pouted," Why can't I come guys?!?!"

          They all broke out into dark scarlet blushes when they caught sight of my puffed out cheeks. Luffy was the first one to fall, under the amount of cuteness I was unknowingly showing. Sabo and Ace did their best to resist against the old begging technique.  Unfortunately for me, they resisted, and I became even more upset.

        " Don't worry (Y/N), we'll be back in a little bit !!", Luffy yelled while tackling me to the ground nuzzling his head into my neck.

         The tips of my ears burned red while trying to get the clingy rubber boy off of me. The two others glared at him, and Ace sighed. His face returned to its original color and his ever present scowl twisted onto his face once again.

          " Okay, see you guys in a bit.", I said as they walked towards the port. "GROOOWWL", my stomach yelled at me telling me to eat some damn food. As I was on my way I found a fruit hanging from a low hanging branch in front of me. It was a light blue and it looked like it had a swirl-like texture.

           I reached up my small hands to the fruit and plucked it from its place. (e/c) searched the fruit for any signs of it being poisonous, and found nothing dangerous. So I as I walked, I ate the light blue fruit. The taste wasn't the best though, but my stomach isn't really giving me any other options.

             The forest was peaceful at midday unlike most people who prefer night time strolls. There wasn't a single cloud in sight. All I could see was a vast blue sky.

             The fingers of my hand grazed over the holster of my pistol, while I walked towards my usual hunting spot. Which in fact was no farther than our little makeshift pirate ship, with a flag that says ASL(i : initial).

        There I climbed up the tree and waited for prey to come around. It took only minutes for a boar to come walking by, eating the bait I laid out a couple of days ago. 

        I pulled the gun out, aimed, and when I was about to fire. The boar ran away from loud, obnoxious laughing. My whole body tensed as I tried to hide further into the bushes. I tried erase any sign of me being here, which included holding my breath.

        The laughing turned into talking as it got closer, as they did, I could tell right away that they were BlueJam pirates. They began talking about how they were going to burn Gray Terminal. The pirates also talked about a well paying job that someone had set up with their captain.

         I leaned in closer so that the conversation could be heard better. Then at the worst possible time, I had fallen right in front of them with my face buried in the dirt.

        " Looks like we have a little spy", he looked closer at my face then his smirk widened, " The employer told us that there were two little boys and a little girl, running around with his son. You think this is one of them, Butch." The man with a bandanna on his head asked his partner.

        (e/c) stared in fear as the other man looked and nodded his head. The first man grabbed me by the arm and  slung me over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. I squirmed, yelling curses at him, at the same time trying to scream for help.

         I reached for my gun in the holster to find that it was on the ground next to the second pirate thug. The said man looked behind him, eyes landing on my treasured Flintlock.

        He bent down and grabbed it," This looks important to you. Hope you won't mind this."  That was the last thing I heard before everything went black, with my hand clutching my little locket.

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