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This chapter is dedicated to Wisp_Zzz, who picked Hunter's epic last name (Hunter Sky)!

This chapter is dedicated to Wisp_Zzz, who picked Hunter's epic last name (Hunter Sky)!

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My cell rings as I'm about to kiss the Omega. I have her pressed up against the wall, her bright orange lips parted and ready for mine. They stand out in stark contrast to her pale skin, making her look disgustingly plastic. I shift my gaze to her dark brown curls, which tumble down past her shoulders. Lacing my fingers through them, I start to pull her close, only to quickly let go. For some reason, they feel dry and crunchy, like hay.

I wipe my palms on my jeans, but the Omega doesn't notice. She bats her eyelashes up at me, and I grimace. There's so much gunk on them, it looks like something died in there: a giant bug or maybe a spider. I have to remind myself it's not her eyes I'm interested in—or her crunchy hair or orange lips—but I can't quite hide my disgust.

Unlike most Alpha, I've never hooked up with an Omega before, even though this one's more than willing. She knows I'm not offering a relationship and she's happy with whatever scraps I throw at her: a smile, a compliment, a little trinket. Rumor has it that she likes to please, if you know what I mean. That is exactly what I need right now: to drown in the Omega and forget everything that happened—or, more precisely, didn't happen—this morning.

I pull her close and the Omega trembles. "Please," she begs, licking her orange lips. She reeks of desperation, but after the day I've had, I'm feeling pretty desperate myself. It's the only reason why I lean in, instead of telling her to get lost.

When the call interrupts us, I'm not sure if I'm disappointed or relieved. I consider ignoring it, but why bother? It's not like the Omega's going anywhere. She's got her hands pressed against my chest, like she's about to grab a handful of my shirt, and I shove them away. Then I scowl her and order, "stay."

I swipe to accept the video call, and a familiar face pops up on my screen. "Hey, Cuz!"

"Logan." I take a few steps away from the Omega to make sure he can't see her.

"Happy birthday, man!"

"Happy?" I scowl. "Yeah right."

"Why? Is something wrong?" Logan's grin falters.

"I didn't find my mate," I explain.

"What?" My little cousin still doesn't seem to get it. He's actually not that little—just a year younger than me—but he acts like such a kid. Here I am, singlehandedly running an entire pack, while he talks about sneaking out, getting grounded, and doing homework. If we weren't related, I'm not sure we'd even stay in touch

"I made eye contact with every girl in the pack, and nothing happened." Except me storming upstairs so I could drown all my anger and frustration in the Omega.

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