Vampire! Ayase Eli x Violinist! Female! Reader x Vampire! Toujou Nozomi

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Warning: Blood, Insults and other things that can affect the sensibility of the reader



Necessity or Desire?

Your POV

Ever since I was five years old I have played the violin. The essence of it, the sounds and music it can create are just something magical. To express emotions with it is just so easy for me that I now play it whenever I want to transmit something.

I usually play happy songs, songs with energy and that can make someone feel relieved when his/her day is ruined. I do not consider myself a happy person, although, for me to hit a state of depression is very difficult. The reason of it was because some tragic things in my past that just got me stronger with the pass of the years but I don't want to bother you by telling those stories.

Either way I can tell you my current situation. Thanks to my past, I live alone in an apartment complex near my new school, Otonokizaka, in which I am a third year, so I know how to be independent ant to not depending on someone else for surviving, until I met those two a week ago.

The duo I'm talking about are Toujou Nozomi and Ayase Eli, the Vice President and the President of the Student Council in Otonokizaka. Ever since I met them, I didn't dare to play happy songs, instead I played love songs. Slow and calm melodies came from my violin, echoing in the school halls and the music room, and now I'm playing one.

It is not an adaptation of any classical or modern song, I just start playing and go wherever my heart goes. If I am happy then melody starts being more energetic, if I am stressed then it becomes stronger and if I am nervous then it becomes faster.

Play as if your Heart was the only one guiding you. My mother used to tell me that before any concert or contest. Touch their Hearts as you are the only one that can do it. Words from my father sounded in every place of my mind as I was playing.

My parents were the most supportive in my path to music. Even though they were always busy, they made time for just listening to me and when I dare to ask why, they just answered me with a smile and a simple phrase, This is what my Heart desires.

Since then, I haven't looked or copied a melody from another author nor did I memorize my melodies, I just went with music.

I don't know how many hours I have been playing without stopping, I just didn't want to stop. The memories of my parents, the feelings I hold back inside of me, the Love I feel right now just won't stop coming into the music. Now, it is a fast and energetic melody still it was gentle and sweet holding little sadness inside of it. I also do not know if someone is listening to me, as I said, my music echoed across the school halls, not that I care about it, if someone gets to listen to me then I beg them something. Do not stop me!

Nozomi's POV

She was playing again, like the day I saw he for the first time. Just except by the fact that this melody was different than the others. Is a little faster, yet it is gentle, it is energetic but it conserves the sweetness of that girl but sometimes the rhythm slows down and you can feel sadness.

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