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Lancaster Online Dating App
Your life saver game!

◾ Chat strangers.
◾ Gain new friends.
◾ Meet new partner.
◾ Find true love.

Username: _________
Password: _________

It was a normal dating shitty app.
Until one unfortunate night, the rules changed.


Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Date Started: November 25, 2017
Date Ended: January 14, 2018

Note: Inspired sa movie na Nerve at sa applications na Tinder at Omegle. Pati yung concept ng Near Group sa FB. HAHAHAHA! Epistolary ito, okie? :D Lalagyan ko ng narration kapag kailangan ko na. Hehe. Kindly leave votes and comments! Lol. Stay awesome 💫

Note sa mga RR: Mute ko mga mags-spoil ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

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