fifteen; funeral blues

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       Mary hadn't been to a funeral since Sara's

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Mary hadn't been to a funeral since Sara's. She had been young at the time and barely remembered it. But from the memories she could find from the back of her mind, she could remember it were a day full of family members she didn't know hugging her and telling her it would get better.

And after Mary got got a lift with the Byers, much to most people's surprise, she had realised that all funerals were the same. People Jonathan didn't know spoke to him and sent him their regards — although the boy looked like he just wanted them to be gone.

Mary had stayed by Jonathan's side most of the morning as they stood at the grass over Will's casket, where everyone picked a delicate yellow rose and rested them gently on his coffin — although, Mary couldn't help but think that Will's friends didn't seem too upset.

Pastor Charles spoke some beautiful words, words that would have been more beautiful to the likes of Mary and Jonathan if they actually believed Will was truly dead and gone from the world — but they didn't, and so, the words weren't as special.

But still, Mary had been surprised that whilst the Pastor spoke the kind and gentle words about Will, that Jonathan's hand had found hers whilst he stared straight ahead and she had gave his hand a comforting squeeze — her leather gloved hand intertwined with his bare one.

Mary was surprised by her own kindness, usually she wouldn't have been so damn nice to Jonathan Byers, especially not after the fact he had practically stalked them. But still, she felt extreme empathy towards the younger boy and like she now wanted to protect him — because she too, had lost a sibling and knew how hard it was to cope and she truly hoped that Will was alive for the sake of Jonathan's sanity.

The funeral hadn't taken long, but once it was over Mary was glad and only then, did Jonathan let go of Mary's hand — and then Nancy was joining their side and at first looking confused as to why Mary was there in the first place, but then Jonathan explained and she understood.

The three ended up huddled away from the funeral where everyone were sending their regards to Lonnie and Joyce. The three sat on the grass, their backs pressed against a fence. Jonathan sat in between the two girls with a map of their area in his hands.

"This is where we know it's been for sure, right?" Jonathan asked, marking off the places the monster had been spotted, "So that's, Steve's house. And the woods where they found Will's bike, my house and the road leading to Charlie's." He said and Mary leaned over a little, looking at the area the creature seemed to be lurking — mainly the woods.

"It's all so close." Nancy pointed out, pulling her black coat tighter around her body.

"Exactly. I mean, it's all within a mile or something. Whatever this thing is, its not travelling far." Jonathan said before Mary checked the watch around her wrist and hissed out in annoyance as she got to her feet.

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