Danganronpa AU 5

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3rd Person POV

It was 9:36 when Sky Minecraft and Ashlie 9596 found Red Vactor dead in his room. He had 3 cuts and he have been stabbed in the back of the head. There was a screw driver on the floor and the vent was open. There was no more evidence left. It's time to go to the grand hall. Rest in peace Red Vactor. You will be missed. :(

Luna's POV

"We're all dropping like flies" I said. Nick hasn't said anything after Tommy's and Cory's death. "You ok Nick?" Dawn asked. "No, I can't believe what happened" Nick answered. "Cory was just going crazy" Ashlie said. "But Tommy, why he killed him? Why not me?" Nick asked. "I don't know" I said. "Well that's not important. What's important is the culprit now" Dawn said. "Hey Nick, I'm sorry for what happened" Shelby said. "Don't worry. It wasn't your fault" Nick said. I was trying to think how someone could reach the vent. "Wait, that's it" I said. "What's it?" Jon asked. "Ladies and Gentleman. Here's how it went.
Red was in his talking to his personalities. The culprit was hidden out side of his room where the door was. The door was closed so the culprit knocked. Red opened the and that's when the culprit cut him in the arm. Red screamed out and try to run to the bathroom but the culprit cut him on the back which made him fall. Red tried to run but the culprit cut his leg, making him unable to stand up. The culprit took the chance and stabbed him in the back of the head but here's the twist, they didn't use any ordinary knife like the one in the kitchen, they used their sword that they always carry with them. The culprit dragged the body to the bathroom and cleaned up all the blood that was in his room. The culprit didn't want to risk getting caught so they went through the vent in the bathroom. They vent was nailed and it was too high up even for Nick in to reach so, they used a screw they had after Barney died, that's how the screwdriver was found in the bathroom. The culprit used the sword like a step up to reach the vent and escape" I explained. "The culprit knows who they are................ Ashlie 9596" I answered. "Ashlie, not you too" Nick said trying not to cry. "I'm sorry" Ashlie said softly. "FIRST UNI, NEXT TOMMY, THEN CORY, NOW YOU" Nick yelled crying. "Cory and Ashlie are same and not the same" Dawn said. "WHY IS EVERYONE DYING?" Shelby said crying. "This game is tearing us apart" Dawn said. "I'm sorry, but it's my time to go" Ashlie said. "We'll miss you" I said. We all agreed it was Ashlie sadly and it's time for the punishment.


Ashlie was in a wooden room with her sword. Monokumu was in another room looking through the window. Monokumu can be seen wearing a white ribbon on his head and holding a dagger. Fruit started flying everywhere and Ashlie started cutting them. A bomb flew up and Ashlie cut it. It blew up and Ashlie got a X on her back. Ashlie, still cutting, was losing blood fast. Fruit and bombs were flying everywhere and a orange flew up and went to the ground uncut. Ashlie got another X on her chest. One bomb went up that had a picture of a apple. Ashlie cut it and it blew up. Ashlie waited and everything went black. When the lights turned on, all was left was Ashlie head and blood on the ground.


Nick Shatzki: The Best Voice Actor
Dawn Riku: The Best Techisis
Jon Jon: The Best Joker
Luna Lover: The Best Detective
Shelby Grace: The Cinnamon Bun
Sky Minecraft: The Best Devil

One more chapter until this AU is over permanently. I already know what AU I'm doing next and it's a AU that I made up myself. It's called Lost AU and I won't spoil anything. It might sound bad or crazy but trust me, it's good. Thanks for reading and have a great day. Luna out

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