The Volturi's Secret Weapon

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The Volturi's Secret Weapon


Scarlett Ruby Mason lived a weird life. One she was in love with Alec a vampire 'prince' and her brother was Edward Cullen. Two she was the worlds most greatest human/ vampire in training. Three shes irresistable to all vampires, angels and weres. When a dark, deadly group of vampires and werelions want Scarlett and want to destroy her family and friends she must stop being Scarlett and become Scarlett the daughter of the great godess Athena. Can she do it?

Can she win the war? Will she die? Will she become a vampire?

Chapter 1

"Alec?" I asked uncertainly " is that you?" I stumbled some more in the forest."this isnt funny! You know I'm only human Alec I get scared just stop it! If you love me really love me and want to be with me forever then stop it!!!!" I shouted. Still no answer. Maybe it isnt Alec if it was he'd be testing me, even if we were the worlds strongest couple, he'd still test me to make sure I'd be the perfect vampire. By now he'd probably also have dimmed my senses, all were fine, all were intact So who's scaring me?

"Hello Scarlett." It wasn't Alec this voice was thicker, deeper, darker. If my older bro (okay technically not but im the reincarnation of his little sister) Edward was here, after all hes in America I'm in Italy, he'd have ripped this guys guts out. Alec would have just teared him apart, neither were here neither could be done. My frozen body slowly warmed and I was running the fast I could to the Castle. But then I remebered vampires were faster than anything in the world except Weres but I dont think a weres near us so I knew it must have been a vampire.

"WHAT DO YOU WANT?" I scream. My gift, yes I'm human and I still have a gift, wouldn't help me at this point. Being the Godess Athena's daughter has its ups being the cleverest and best in battle is good but I had no weapon and my brain was fried. I could create a tornado but I might not be able to catch the vamp. Alec, Edward, Bella ,Nessie, Jane, ANYONE HELP!!!!!!!!!!! I thought wildly. Sis? It was Nessie. NESSIE!!! HELP! SOME PSYCOS TRYING TO GET ME!! BRING ALEC! I'M IN THE FOREST! I didnt wait to hear Nessies long mind talk. I knew it took her alot of energy so if I ignored it it wouldn't hurt her as much.

" I want you Scarlett! Your gifts, you ,I want you!" I screamed as I saw a black siloette in front of me." And I want your Volturi mates heads on sticks!" I didn't scream now...I went mad! My abilitys to change everything depending on my mood is never good but when I'm mad, everyone knows about it.

" I'd rather die before letting you take them!!!!!" I swung at the vampire who now had a grip on my arm. A lightning strike whacked through the clouds and hit the vampire flat out. I fell to the floor. I'd used power to strong. That lightning bolt could have killed a human and I was a human. My energy flatened.I fainted.

"I told you, Jane she will never leave my sight again. I dont want this to happen again." A voice growled. I didn't like that growl it was too familiar, too angel like, to my Alec like.

"We don't want it to happen either Alec but theres nothing we can do. If she doesn't go to school it wouldn't do good and you can't go to school. There was nothing anyone can do. Edward and Bella are coming they want to stay with the rest of the Cullen Coven we've allowed it given the circumstances. Nessie wants to come in."A girls voice, Jane

" I dont even get why shes here!" Alec said in a normal kind of voice, except I could here the disapproval.

" Edward didn't trust us enough to see her on her own but he was to busy with the new weres so he sent Nessie." Jane seemed to be hissing.

"Alec?" I whispered because I knew that it was loud enough for him to hear.


"Alec why do I feel pain?"

" I had to. You were dying when we found you. Is it too harsh?" He asked. It wasn't I couldn't feel thirst or a sharp cut well only a little but telling him this would only freak him out.

" I feel nothing. Did you use Morpine like Edward said?"

" Yeah all we had"

"Alec....." Then there was a scream. And it came from... me?

"What is it? You said it didn't hurt!" Alec panicked. Jane was screaming for assistance.

"Its not that. Its him! Its Coal, Miranda and Lloyd Vanterise." I muttered drousely. Suddenly I was falling and I knew the venom was fighting out. My only question was would it win?

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