Time to Swim...

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You feel asleep at 1:00 am. You kept replaying the fight you had with Sherlock. You have had become very good friends with him when you went on your first date with John. Wait? You forgot you had dated John Watson until you broke up with him for being too clingy. Yep. You dated John. But it was never awkward when you told him, he took it well, and he had even told you that you and Sherlock were a better match. But last night you had remembered that Sherlock didn't feel, he didn't have the desire for friendship. But what he said had replayed in our mind one thousand times... "well it matters to me." you had mattered to Sherlock and no matter how mad you were at him, you remembered that you had a special place in that consulting detectives heart, and that's how you knew that he wasn't mad at you, he was worried about you. You looked at your clock, it was 9:00 am, might as well visit him, you could hear the shuffling of feet above you, he was awake.

You knocked the door and Sherlock opened the door.

"Hey..." you grinned at him a little

"Hello (y/n)" he said in a stern voice

he's mad at you, crap.

"Sherlock, I'm sorry" you had to fight tears from coming out of your eyes "I'm sorry for yelling, I'm sorry for everything" you looked up at his green-blue eyes and smiled

His facial expression softened, "It's fine. Now about your boyfriend-" he started

"Not, yet" you laughed "I haven't woke up all the way yet, but I will soon"

"Okay" he smiled back at you "I can wait."

You waked into the familiar flat, it had been your home for awhile while you were dating John, they had still kept your chair in he same spot it had always been, in the middle of the two boys, you loved it here and visited everyday you could.

Your phone buzzed. It was Moriarty. He had told you the time of when you two would meet. Just as he had sent you that text you heard Sherlock's phone buzz, Sherlock had took it before you could see who it was from, but you had asked him. He had answered "your boyfriend."

"What!" you took the phone from him and it read "Wanna play? -JMx" it had a time and everything.

"Sherlock" you said as he looked up at you "Looks like we have a double date."

~~At the Pool~~

You walked in the pool and John had come out and started to talk for Moriarty. Soon he had come out of the shadows and said to Sherlock "Is that a British Army Browning L9A1 in your pocket, or are you just pleased to see me?" you shuttered at the familiar Irish accent "I gave you my number... I thought you might call" he said as he walked into the room.

"Well hello love" he had said with a smile "How are you today?"

You clenched your jaw to stop yourself from crying. How. How did the adorable man you met, turn into a mass-murder in a day?

That's why Sherlock  was worried about you. Oh God. Oh God...

Sherlock and Moriarty were rambling on until Moriarty left. 

"Bye Love!" he had said to you on the way out.

You started to cry as you helped Sherlock take the bomb off of John. "I'm so sorry Sherlock.." you sobbed into your hands. He walked up to you and hugged you until you had stopped crying.

Just as you stopped crying he walked in the room.

"Sorry boys, and girl, I'm soooooo, changeable, it is a weakness with me, but to be fair to myself it is my only weakness!" he almost sang the phrase "you can't be allowed to continue, you just can't, I would try to convince you ,but everything I'm about to say has already crossed your mind"

He loved to sing

"That is at least, if (y/n) chooses me over you Sherlock.

What. No. This can't be happening. No.

All eyes were on you. You pick Sherlock, who had learned o love you

Or Moriarty, who had made you feel like the best girl in the world.

You look at both of them.

"(y/n), you must pick now, I cannot be in a romantic relationship with someone who works with Sherlock Holmes, it would make the game less fun." you laughed at the last comment.

You remembered all the insults Sherlock had called you, all of the times he ignored you, and you were a big enough fool to think he loved you.

You walked to the middle of the room, and then to Sherlock, you hugged him, "Goodbye my consulting detective"

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