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She soon covered her face and sat on her horse in hurry. She went far away ridding the horse.

This time Pratap did not follow the girl as she was going to come there tomorrow.
Pratap joined his family a few kilometres away from the palace of Bejolya, and then all of them went in together.
Soon the wait was over. They had reached the palace.
On the main gate Rani H and her husband were present to welcome them.

Rani H: How r u?How was the journey? And most importantly where is our prince??
Rani J:I am absolutely fine and the journey was also well.
Rani S: And here is our prince.
(He came from behind and touched Rani Hansabai's feet to seek blessings.)
Rani H: God bless u my child.How r u? And u have grown so tall and handsome.
Rani S: He is the son of the great  king Rana Udai Singh and brave  Rani Jaivanta. How will he look ordinary?
Pratap: No choti maa, I am your son also. When I was small I used to eat food made by u only. How can u forget that.
Rani H: awwwww! U talk so mature Pratap.
Pratap: now that's because I have 2 world best, mature and beautiful mothers.
Rawat Singh (ajabde's father) : Ok. Now come , let's go inside. U must be tired?

They moved inside. Saubhagyavati was suppose to  allot and take them​ to their rooms. After she dropped Rana U , and booth the queen's to their respective rooms, she was moving towards Pratap's room.

S : so this is your room, KUWAR 
P: oh! Thnx.
S:I actually wanted to ask u that this friend of yours will stay in your room or should I arrange for another one. Actually we have another room ready but I thought of asking you first.
P :. No, there is no need of that. We both  can manage in one room. Won't we?
(Asking Chackrapani)
(Chackrapani was busy stareing at Saubhagyavati)
C:hmm ..., Yaa.

P: Can u tell me the way to warfare area.Its time for my sword practice, and I can't afford to miss it.
S: first left from here, and then right. But......
P: what but?
S : actually it is time for Ajabde's sword practice also so, she will be practicing there now.
Author's note:-
Really, really very sorry. I am really sorry for not updating so long and for this short chapter. But I could not help it cause there was a serious internet problem in the locality I live. And plus my exams r on . But still I took out time for u all and rote this chapter.Really sorry once again.
I will not be able to update till 10th December, cause of my exams. Plz forgive me.
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