Danganronpa AU 4

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3rd Person POV

It was 5:26 pm when Red Vactor and Luna Lover found Tommy Shreddens dead in the kitchen. Tommy had blood running down in the back of his head and it looks like he was stabbed in the arm. No evidence was found except for broken glass that had blood in the trash. It was time to go to the grand hall. Rest in peace Tommy Shreddens. You will be missed. :(

Luna's POV

This one was probably the most hardest one yet. I barely have evidence to show who did it and the reason why did they did this. Where Tommy and Barney stand was a picture of them with a big red X. "The killer must have done this ahead of time so Jon and Shelby are crossed off for now" I explained. "We found the Culprit's weapon but we don't know who the culprit is" I continued. "I was in my room at 11:34 so it was not me" Cory said. "I can't remember where I was" said Shelby. "I still can't believe that Tommy is dead" Nick said. "We all lost someone at a certain times" Red said. That's when I remember. "That's it. Ladies and gentleman, I have your killer" I said. "Who is it and how they do it?" Dawn asked. "Here's how it went.
The culprit wrote a letter specifically saying to come to the kitchen at 11:34. Tommy saw the note at 10:26 and waited for that time while the culprit was getting everything ready. The culprit hid the murder weapon, a rusty pipe. The culprit 'accidently' dropped a glass cup when nobody was looking. The culprit knew he had one chance at this so they put all the glass in the trash except for the biggest one. The culprit hid in the closet in the kitchen. When Tommy arrived, he went to the fridge to get something to eat, that's when the culprit got out and cut his arm with the glass. Tommy screamed from the pain and that's when the culprit hit Tommy in the back of the head with the rusty pipe, killing him. The culprit washed all the blood of any walls and floors and washed the pipe but not the glass. The culprit threw the glass in the trash and put the pipe in the laundry room which was right next to the kitchen. The culprit moved the body to the floor and left. The culprit realized that the blood from the glass was still there and came back but it was too late. Red and I already found Tommy's dead body so the culprit stayed in his spot" I explained. "The culprit is right here........................... Cory Crater, The Best Photographer, wasn't it?" I said. Cory had a face of a serial killer while his eye was covered. "You know what, I don't even care who dies or if I get a punishment. We all die one way or another" Cory said while crying. Cory was somehow laughing and crying at the same time. "Cory, you crazy killer" Nick said. "Like I care, we all die one way or another so why not just get it over with" Cory said. "It's not like anything I say well make you guys believe me" Cory said. "What do you mean?" Shelby asked. Cory looked sad and said "You guys won't understand".  We all agreed that it was Cory and it was time for the punishment.


Cory was sitting on a chair on a big and wide pole. Monokumu was holding a big camera and had a photographer hat on. Cory was smiling and looks like he was ready to die. Tears ran down Cory's face as he sat there. Monokumu took a picture and in that picture was Cory with a deep scar in his chest, still smiling and crying. Monokumu took another picture and in that picture was Cory with another deep scar, still calm, crying and smiling. Monokumu took 2 pictures and in those pictures was Cory with another deep scars in the first one then another one in the second picture. Monokumu took another picture and in that picture was a block falling on Cory. Cory was still smiling and with tears in his eyes. Monokumu took one last picture and in that picture was a block on the pole and blood splatter on the pole and in the block. Monokumu took the last picture and showed it at the group. Anyone didn't say anything or do anything. Everything went black.


Nick Schatzki: The Best Voice Actor
Ashley 9596: The Best Swordsman
Jon Jon: The Best Joker
Dawn Riku: The Best Techisis
Luna Lover: The Best Detective
Shelby Grace: The Best Cinnamon Roll
Sky Minecraft: The Best Devil
Red Vactor: The Best Switcher

Hey Lovers. Yes, Cory is dead, you guys don't have to cry since Nick, Max, Ross, Barney, Jess, Jin, Tommy and Uni died as well. I wanna take suggestions on what AU Should do next after the Danganronpa AU ends. I already have my survivors and how people are going to die and who is going to die, but what the next AU should be I didn't have. Thanks for reading and have a great day. Luna out.


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