Newbie challenge.

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"Ugh mom I said it went fine why don't you believe me."

" Because Rose it was your first time going to this and obviously something happened because that young very handsome boy walked you out."

"we'll talk later. I promise" I ran up stares not looking back because I was blushing again. Wow I do that a lot. I went to my room and shut the door. First thing I did was call Sydney to tell her how it went. She has been my best friend since 6th grade. It would have been 5th grade but for some reason we hated each other then. Then I turned  my music and laid on my floor. I know I had a perfectly good bed right next to me but the floor just seemed comfortable. Then my phone went off. I had to sign up for this group text with all the kids from therapy.

Sam:"so is the new girl on yet"

Me: "will you stop calling me that. I have a name,"

Max (on of the guys who sat next to Sam I assume): "ooooo new girl has claws"

Jacob (the other one next to Sam); "meow"

Me "really? you guys are so immature"

Sam: " come on newbie. You can think of something better than that right?"

Me: " my name is Rose!!! cant you guys get that through your thick skulls"

Kayla: " you go girl"

Max; " see why weren't you like this therapy today?"

Jacob; " ya. it would have bee way more fun"

Me: " sorry I just guess I thought you weren't worth my time :)"

Sam: "owch"

Kayla: " I like you newbie"

Me; "Oh don't you start. what will it take for you to call me by my name"

Jacob: "oh she doesn't know"

Sam: "you have to do something in therapy to get Freckles to not like you. Think you can handle it"

Me: " don't challenge me. You never know what youll get"

Kayla: " you've been challenged"

Sam: "oh this will be good."

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