Chapter 7 : So That's Why...

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*Hello ladies and gents and welcome to the 7th chapter of the Secrets of a Nation and before we begin I'm really mad at myself because I had a whole chapter written and I deleted it. Ugh! Anyway let's get into this, shall we?*

(Canada's POV)

I awoke the next morning and got dressed and ready for the next entry. "America! You need to wake up now! We can't be late for the reading!" I called out. I was only met with silence. "America, c'mon we need to go!" I said pulling the blanket off the bed only to be met with empty sheets. Oh no...

"America! Where are you!" I shouted but it only came out as normal volume as I searched the room. "C'mon America this isn't funny!" I yelled getting more worried by the second. After a few minutes I had searched every nook and cranny of the room with no sign of my brother.

I opened my door to the hallway and scanned the area. "America!" I yelled, having a bad feeling. As I was closing my door I heard another door open. I looked over to see it had been the Italian and Spanish countries door open. "Italy, you idiot where are you!? The personification of southern Italy shouted. "Mi amigo dónde estás!" Spain shouted soon following.

"Have any of you guys seen America anywhere?" I asked in my quiet manner. Before slowly walking up to the two. "No I haven't seen the American anywhere. Have you seen my idiot brother anywhere?" Romano asked. All I did was shake my head no. "This can't be good. Two nations going missing is not okay." Spain said walking over with the Italian to join me.

"Have you guys checked anywhere besides the room?" I asked. "We agreed that if Italy was there he would have been with Germany but he wasn't. The only thing in the main hall had is the restroom, meeting room, kitchen, and dining room."

(South Italy's POV)

"There is also the other hallway." Spain murmured. "Why would he be down there?! All that is there is a bunch of deserted meeting rooms!" I shouted. We all had gone quiet at that thought. "I've got a bad feeling." America's brother murmured before we silently dashed out of the room area and down the main hallway.

"It doesn't make sense why he would be anywhere down there! You know how easily scared he is." I shouted. "I don't get it either. America also gets scared easily and he would have turned around at the first sign of something scary." I was starting to get really worried.

Once we made it to the hallway and searched every single room. But it all turned out the same. No America or Italy. When we reached the final and last door I felt my heart beating in my chest. "He has to be in here. There was no where else they could have gone." Spain said grabbing ahold of the doorknob.

(Spain's POV)

Just as I had barely grabbed the doorknob a loud crash sounded in the room. Wasting no time I flung the door open and charged into it followed by Canada and Roma. There in the middle of the room say the two missing nations both scratching their heads. I let out a sigh of relief before America's brother charged in front of me and pulled his brother into a hug while Roma did the same thing.

I smiled at the display.  "You two are going to have a lot of explaining to do later but we have to get to the reading." Canada said before they pulled the others to there feet and we started to walk out of the hallway. When we got to the meeting room we saw everyone gathered already.

"There you all are. We were staring to get worried." Lithuania said from his seat as we all sat down. "Well if these two idiots didn't go vanishing in the middle of the night we would have been faster." Romano said as he huffed angrily. "Let's just get to reading." Italy's German friend said exasperated, not bothering to question them.

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