Im not a dallas?

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Chapter name: I'm not a dallas?


It's been two days since the fall. Matt, Taylor and I were supposed to leave but we couldn't. Matt couldn't leave Allysa. I couldn't leave Hannah and Taylor has been by camerons side this whole time. cameron hasn't left the hospital but we told him to go and take a shower and get some rest. But Hannah hasn't woken up. The Doc. Said she is in a coma. *ding* my phone rang.

Cameron- on my way back

Me- ok did you get enough sleep?

Cameron- yea dude I'm fine how is Hannah?

Me-she's fine still not a wake.

Cameron- ok be there in 5

I didn't reply. I got up and went into
Hannahs room. She was hooked up to so many things, I can't stand to see her like that. I miss my princess. I sat down and cameron walked in, wow that was fast. "Hey" he said sitting next to me. "hey" I said looking down, cam did the same. i heard something moving but I'm sure it was just cameron or someone coming in.

"Cameron? Shawn?" no it couldn't be! my princess!


"Cameron? shawn?" I looked up and Hannah was looking at me. I smiled and Shawn looked up. "go get the doctor!" I said to Shawn. he ran out. I got up and ran to Hannah's side. i touched her cheek and kissed her forehead. "I'm so glad your ok" I said with a tear coming down my cheek. she smiled and the thing started beeping. loud! doctors and nurses came running in. "sir please back up" a male nurse said. "no I can't leave my sister! please no I can't lose her again!" I yelled they took her and the guy let me go. I ran past him and she wasn't in the hall way. she wasn't anywhere to be seen. No she can't be gone again! I fell on my hands and knees and put my hands on my head and started to cry. shawn came next to me and he was sniffling. "they said they have to take her for an hour, there's something wrong with her birth-certificate." he said. I looked up and his eyes were blood shot and puffy. "what? what do you mean?" I asked. "I don't know" he said. I got up and so did he. matt, Allysa, nash and Taylor were behind me. Allysa was crying so much and so were the boys. I opened my arms and Allysa ran up to me. I hugged her so tight. what did we do to deserve this? all we do is kind things. I just want my sister back.


I woke up and then nurses came in. they took my blood and toke me back to the room. what are they doing. "Hannah!" cameron yelled coming in the room. He hugged me from the bed. everyone came in and have me a hug. then finally shawn came in. He gave me a hug. "I missed you princess." he said in my ear. "I missed you to. I want a kiss I don't care if they see." I said. he let go of me and looked shocked. "you sure?" he asked. I nodded. He leaned I. And gave me a soft kiss. I misse him so much. all I remember is blacking out and sleeping for a long utime. He pulled away and I smiled and so did he. He walked over to the guys and Allysa. they all had shocked faces. "were dating." I said. "I see" Allysa said. If giggled a little. we talked a little. Matt bought me some food. nash was talking about how everyone was missable. Taylor said how muched he help cam and he missed me. tbh I kinda miss Taylor. Allysa and I just hugged mostly. cameron was holding my hand. And shawn was holding my other hand. I miss this. family. I remember when I become part of this. I'm happy my mom made me come. it had it's up and downs but other than that I had a real family. I never thought I fit in, in my family. they were always funny, happy and all if them had brown eyes. I was a singer, played a lot of sports, and played a guitar. I always wanted a little brother and sister. ugh family! the doctor walked and and everyone stop talking. "Hannah we took some blood test. your blood doesn't match your family's." he said. "what do you mean?" cameron asked "my mom had her from he stomach"

"Well from the tests it looks like Hannah is not a dallas, shes a grier." he said

"Wait. what?!?"

(( uh-oh HANNAHS not a dallas? any one expect that? what will happen next? and make sure to comment! you guys are so quiet! ugh I hate it!




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