Chapter Fifty-Three» A Kiss In The Dark

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" You're awake?"

A deep voice came from the doorway. Echoing across the eeriely quiet house. Immediately my gaze flashed forward landing on the tall figure stepping inside the kitchen.

The book in my hand which now weighed like a feather, pressed on to the table. Brushing my fingers through the soft pages, I glanced upwards ah the man now walking inside the kitchen.

A smile played across his face as he untied the bandana like scarf and threw it easily on the counter. Removing his black leather jacket. I was surprised to find him wearing a white top with dark grey jeans.

Skimming his fingers through the raven locks he pulled the chair in front of me.

" Yes, I was just reading"

I murmured taken a back by his sudden good mood. Taking a seat in front of me Omar reached towards the book I once held in my hands before examining it. His eyebrows raising in amusement before a look of pride slipped across his orbs.

" Psychology? Hmm. Naina do you know the human mind is very complex. The years of research done can never truly figure out each and every trick in the mind.

It's quite fascinating. It's true when they say, you're looking but you're not seeing. You're hearing but you're not listening. The years spent on research yet small details bypass everyone" Omar spoke slowly as if he was speaking from experience. His eyebrows furrowing slightly scratching his jaw lightly the man looked deep in thought.

The split second gave me that one opportunity to truly glance at him. His face looked slightly ruggish. A shave was overdue for the man yet it didn't make him look any  less attractive. Rather, it brought all the attention towards his charcoal eyes and raven hair.

Wait what?

" You're breathing but you're not living" I whispered all of a sudden. The words blurting out on it's own. The smile that once crawled across the man's face immediately lessened. His face dropping a little before he looked away. Clearing his throat.

" Something like that" The man spoke after a long silence. His eyes plastered on the his right side. As if he was almost veiling his face away from me, not wanting to reveal it.

Reaching towards the book in front of him. His warm hand slowly skimmed across mine. The warm contact sending shivers through my arms. Hitching in a breath, I could see the man's eyes spark with, as though golden dust had flowed through them. As if a mirage was running through it, ready to hypnotise me.

" Come with me tonight. There's a wedding and I-I wanted you to come with me.. Please"

The sudden sound of his words had my eyes widening. The look of my face must have revealed my shock causing Omar eyes to squint slightly. An unsure look playing in them.

" You okay?" He murmured worriedly making me nod feeling the memories flow through me. Each one flashing before my eyes like a portrait. The last time I had gone to a wedding with him..

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