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(quick time jump to christmas in the book)


"i thought we were playing christmas music? taehyung this isn't christmas music."

"shut up jimin," taehyung had connected his phone to the bluetooth speaker first and insisted on playing his "christmas music playlist".

"get rekt!" hoseok shouted, jumping next to taehyung and joining him.

a few people groaned though, since on the ride to the lodge we had all rented together the two had been jamming out to this song. the ride was a two hour drive. yeah, we were so prepared for this trip that we left on christmas eve last minute to the lodge we rented last minute. i was in charge of the whole set up, by the way.

while the two were distracted, yoongi had swiped taehyung's phone and disconnected it. he stared at them with the blankest expression ever, "hip hop is dead," he stated while connecting his own phone and playing mariah carey.

"a classic," his girlfriend applauded. (haha um might have forgotten all the oc names i had for their girlfriends and i'm too lazy to find the chapter shhhh #exposeD)

not all of the couples were able to make it though, since their parents wanted them home. so we had some girlfriends and boyfriends missing.

the lodge wasn't too big, since we were still just seniors in high school, but each pair had their own separate room to sleep in.

lia stood in the middle of the room and motioned for yoongi to lower the music, "i have a few set rules that i think all of us will agree with," she blushed a little for being the center of attention, but continued nevertheless. "no sex, okay? making out max, but there will be no train going into tunnel action here." everyone chuckled.

"also not much of a rule, but lia and i have set up random mistletoes around the place so keep your eyes peeled for that."

jimin raised his hand, "question jungkook, how does one peel their eyes?"

i laughed and nudged jimin's shoulder, "you're so dumb."

"dumb in love," he winked.

jungkook smirked, "i'm sorry did anyone hear anything? i think i heard a squeak." he faked a search and walked around the room dramatically. he walked right in front of jimin but went on his tippy toes and looked over him.

"i'm right here jackass," jimin punched jungkook's stomach which sent him dramatically falling onto the ground and squirming.

lia scoffed but continued to get everyone's attention back, "second rule, is also to calm down on the nudity. we don't need you shirtless boys and girls everywhere to quench your thirsty ass friends."

"it's winter why the heck would anyone be shirtless?" taehyung mumbled mid-taking off his shirt. "i'm kidding!" he smiled innocently, but glared at everyone who had looked.

"and lastly, i hadn't thought this through until the end so i'll come up with more rules as we spend more time here." lia hopped away from her spot and lightly kicked jungkook who was still laying on the ground. "you hurt or something?"

"i'm a beast i feel no pain," he said while jumping up and swinging an arm around lia.

namjoon set down his cup and tugged his girlfriend's arm, "wanna go mistletoe hunting?"

"no sex, kids!" seokjin hollered at them, "i miss my girlfriend."

hoseok patted his back, "i feel ya."

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