First Impressions

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I leaned my head against the window of the jet and sighed. Closing my eyes. Yet again I was moving to another state all because my dad stupid job.

"Baby girl cheer up you'll love Chicago"

Maybe I will, but in the last 4 years I've loved Atlanta, Florida, California and now we can just add Chicago to the list

"Sweetly I don't understand what the big deal is, you make friends everywhere you go and you get anything you want"

The problem is you promised that you wouldn't pull me away from my friends my senior year of high school and all because you signed a new artist under your label. Why can't you work from your record label

"You know I have a policy where I spend the first year wherever the artist is from just to vibe with them"

Dad his music sucks anyway!

He scrunched his face up and laughed. "I've heard you playing his mixtapes before"

Wrong! you heard me play G Herbo songs that he featured on. Look it isn't too late you can turn this jet around and we can go back to Cali

"We will go back, after a year and that is the end of this conversation Zendaya"


"Look I'm not gonna tolerate your attitude for a year so suck it up and get off the jet"

Dad I don't wa-

"Zendaya get your bags and get off the fucking jet!!!! I give you everything you ask for and you still act out"

Buying me shit doesn't fix the way I live dad I'm tired of moving from state to state. I don't even care about Cali anymore just let me go back home to New York

"Watch your tone, show me you can act your age and I'll buy you a condo and a first class ticket back to New York but for now you might as well stop complaining"

I snatched all my bags and walked off the jet. When the doors open the wind smacked the shit outta me. Please tell me it isn't always this windy here. I pulled my hood up and got in the car that was waiting

Dad when will my cars get here???

"You mean car? Cause I'm not bringing all them shits down here so ONE of your cars will be here This evening"

I huffed and sat back in my seat waiting to pull off. When we finally stop we were in front of a big house and I sighed

Dad why do you always do this?? Why do you always buy these big ass houses when we never stay more than a year

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Dad why do you always do this?? Why do you always buy these big ass houses when we never stay more than a year

"At least I keep them"

Cause your stupid. I whispered

"What was that???"

Do you know how much your paying in mortgage on 5 houses?!?!

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