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A/N:So sorry guys I haven't posted in a while 😣! Been so busy with holidays and working. So this chapter is gonna be kind of sad/bittersweet. You'll see why. It's gonna somewhat to along with the movie scene, but also different. Hope you guys enjoy!



I awoke and breathed calmly. A pair of onyx eyes looked at me with worry and concern.

""a familiar voice muttered my name. Everything felt so...odd..I couldn't remember what happened before..

"Shino.." the familiar voice said my name again.

I stared blankly at the young man. "K-Kazuto?..." I barely muttered under my breath. That's all I could say at the moment. I wanted to say more, but couldn't find the words in my voice for some reason. What happened to me before?..

Kazuto sighed softly while rubbing the back of his neck. He looked like he'd been crying..

"Kazuto...I'm...sorry...but..what happened to me?" I tried to ask clearly.


It pained me. It pained me seeing Shino like this.

I brought her back to back to her apartment for the night.

" had some kind of accident happen to you when you were wearing your Augma...its lost some kind of memory and I'm not sure why." I explained sadly.

I looked at Shino and she didn't even move or change her expression.

" you...remember how we first met?" She asked me.

"Of course I do. We were trapped in SAO together along with everyone else. You were the feisty archer, but a great one. Slowly, but surely. I started to fall in love with you." I explained.

Shino's eyes widened...not being surprised, but looking in horror...why?

"Kazuto...I...dont remember how we met in SAO..." she muttered.

My eyes widened.

"How is that true?" I question. She shook her head.

We both decided to log into ALO. Sinon looked afraid...Shino..

I tried to get her mind off things and take her to familiar places we went together.

I took her to our favourite meadow in ALO..even back to our home where Yui was waiting for us.

When we got to our home, I glanced at Shino. She looked..sad.

Yui greeted her with a welcoming hug. Then with me.

Sinon sat on the couch and sighed softly.

"Daddy, what's wrong with mommy?" Yui asked worriedly.

"She..its a bit of a story, Yui." I whispered to her.

Sinon got up and smiled at us slightly.

"Im gonna get some tea for us. I'll be right back." She suggested while getting up.

"Alright, Sinon." I said simply. I hated seeing her like this.

She nodded and headed into the kitchen to make some hot tea.

"Mommy lost her memory of SAO, Yui." I finally said to her. Yui looked shocked.

"Did the Augma wipe her memories?" She asked and I nodded.

"Mommy..." Yui muttered worriedly.

"We gotta get them back for her. And stop whatever is truly the meaning behind the augma."

There was a sudden crash of something that broke on the wooden floors inside our home.

I rushed inside with Yui right behind me and I see Sinon on the ground with a broken small cup that now shattered into colorful fragments.

I went to her side and scooped Sinon into my arms and start to rub her back gently.

{3rd Person}

The blue haired Cait Sith clutched at the black haired spriggan tightly.

Yui had blurry eyes seeing her two parents hugging each other. She joined them by wrapping her small arms around Sinon.

" so sorry...i can't remember how we all met in SAO...or..I don't know. I'm sorry..Kazuto.." Sinon started to cry and all Kirito could do is hold her in his arms.

"We're gonna get through this. Together. I'm gonna find some answers and were gonna get your memories back." Kirito reassured Sinon and she nodded with a heart warming smile.

"Yeah! We're gonna get your memories back, momma!" Yui said happily.

"Thank you. Both of you." Sinon whispered.

The three were content where they were, but Kirito was still concerned. What could the creator and that guy Eiji have in store for all of them?

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