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isabella smiled getting off her flight walking to baggage claim. she felt a tap on her shoulder turning around she saw dacre.

isabella smiled bringing the australian in for a hug

"how was your flight"
dacre asked hugging back

"long and terrifying"
isabella answered with a sarcastic smile grabbing her bag

"i'm sorry"
dacre laughed

"its fine i'm alive"
she said with a light laugh following dacre to his car

dacre took her bag & put it in the trunk then ran around quickly opening the door for isabella

"thank you"
isabella laughed getting in

"you're welcome"
dacre replied when he got in on his side

"nice car"
isabella said

"oh thanks"
he smiled

"so where we goin"
isabella asked

"well i got you a room at some nice hotel about 30 minutes away"
dacre answered

"i would've been fine sleeping on your couch or something"
isabella laughed

"hey it's the least i could do"
dacre smiled

on the way to the hotel they talked about everything that happened while they were apart

"we're here. hang on"
dacre laughed getting out of the car & running to isabella's side opening the door for her

"you're being weird"
isabella said eyeing him

"am not"
he defended getting her bag

isabella smiled as they made their way to isabella's room

"oh wow"
isabella said in awe looking at the room

"you like"
he asked

"i love"
she answered with a smile walking in & flopping on the bed. dacre laughed putting her bag aside

"how much was this exactly"
isabella asked stretching

"you don't need to worry about that"
he smiled sitting on the edge of the bed

"quit being weird i get you feel bad still but i'm okay now you don't need to be weird i miss the sarcastically mean sometimes caring dacre"
isabella said putting a hand on her heart

"oh whatever you're so full of shit"
dacre laughed leaving over & grabbing a pillow throwing it at her

"see that dacre we like that dacre"
isabella laughed

dacre shook his head flopping down next to her

"i'm so tired it's like 2:00 am back home"
isabella yawned

"do you wanna go to sleep i can leave"
dacre said

"no i wanna talk awhile longer"
isabella smiled

these are so short oml im so sorry lmao

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