I can not believe it! My Dream is finally coming true. In a couple of hours I will be traveling to Doncaster, England, and to tell you the truth I am absolutely shitting myself (not literally of course but you get my drift). I am only 18 years old, I'm about 4ft 9 - 5 ft (I know I'm a shorty), also I'm average size in weight though I am built with big shoulders and hips also a big ass and boobs, but hey who's complaining, I like the way I look. I like my curves and i wouldn't give them up for anything or anyone. I'm Australian and my name is Ghislayne. It's pronounced Shlayne though but you can call my Layne or Laynie for short like everybody else does. However most importantly I'm a country born and bred girl, packing up her life in Queensland, Australia to move to the other side of the world, to live out her dream.

Honestly I never thought for a second that my dream would come true, but thankfully to my two beautiful best friends Jess and Bec it officially has. To everybody else especially my mum, dad and two brothers, it's not that great of a dream or future, though to me it's everything. My dream is to be an international horse riding instructor / coach / judge. I have been riding since I was 3 and competing since I was 4. So I've been riding for about 15 years. I personally don't think I am that amazing at it, especially since I've had quite a few bad falls. Some resulting in me being unconscious for about 5 - 30 minutes at a time, coughing up blood and sand from the arena, people thinking I was dead at one stage as I couldn't move my body and I was more or less laying lifeless on the ground. I could go on but I don't want to bore you with the detail of my epically bad riding. From what I've learnt from having all these bad horse riding accidents is that no matter how many times you fail, it will always help you in the end. Like they say "practice makes perfect". Anyway back to the present.

As the hours ticked by I was becoming more and more nervous every second. This was only my second time overseas, the first was with my family and we went on a holiday to Fiji. Unfortunately this time I wasn't coming back anytime soon to Australia. Luckily I had my best friends who are also like my sisters accompanying me on this adventure. Jess is a dancer and is a stick thin twig but I love her to pieces. We met on the orientation day for high school in year 7. She was in my homeroom or as some say form class. She also has freckles, just like me :) her hair is a beautiful chocolate brown colour and reaches about her mid back (I'm secretly jealous because it's so beautiful, soft and straight). Jessica is also the baby of us three girls with her birthday being in May while mine and Rebecca's are in March. Rebecca or Bec as we call her is extremely beautiful as well. She is tall and has a great body (I'm not lesbian or anything but Im aloud to say that about my bestie). We also met in high school, though we never really became friends until grade 9. She has dark brown hair excepts she dies it dark purple. It suits her and she super lucky as it's curly where as mine is light brown with a half head of blonde foils and is wavy. Both our hair reaches approximately mid chest area. We all have different but the same Interest in music which of course being the hot and sexy boy band One Direction. I'm going to sound extremely British right now but Woah they are seriously fit guys (casually trying not to drool thinking about them), we like other musicians also for example Jess is obsessed with Taylor Swift, meanwhile I like Pink, Adele, ACDC, Ed Sheeran, and Bec likes anything pop or the new style of music really. Okay Im loosing track again, I tend to get lost within my thoughts.

I was soon taken out of my nervous trance by the airport over head speaker calling out our flight to Doncaster. "Flight 026 to Doncaster, England is now boarding". "Well it's now or never" I thought while preparing myself to say my last goodbye's to my beloved family for a while. Luckily for my smart-ass of a best friend Bec, she decided to bring a box of tissues. Love that girl! Trying to stay strong and not cry was harder than I initially thought. It was honestly easier getting up and speaking at my grandmothers funeral when I was 11 than saying goodbye to my family. Even though they didn't really approve of my decision to take this job opportunity that I was kindly given after my friends thought it would help me live out my Dream by sending a video of my riding to a well known riding school in England, they still supported me because that is what families do. While I said my last goodbye to my mum, I reluctantly lost the battle of the tears. I didn't bother wiping them away anymore so I just sobbed quietly. I clung to Jess and Bec as they helped me walk to the entrance tunnel of the plane. I turned around for a few seconds blew a kiss and a wave before heading onto the plane. We were in the economy seats, due to the reason we could't really afford first class as we spent most of our money on buying a house for us girls to live in. I was cool with that but I don't think my back will be after the 23 hour flight. We eventually found our seats in the middle of the plane. I was seated next to the window, Bec in the middle and Jess in the aisle.