Chapter 5

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Alphas office in the picture.
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Leila's pov

We were lead inside an office by the Alpha, his Beta trailing behind us. It's a pretty big office with a rustic feel in dark colors, with a big ass wooden desk with wolf carvings along the front. The overall feeling of the room is high on testosterone, but I guess that's to be expected by a big bad Alpha.

 Me and Kyle take a seat in chairs in front of the big desk overflowing with papers, while the Alpha sits in a big office chair behind the desk. The Beta remains standing beside his chair, with his arms across his chest like he is trying to show an intimidating stance. But he is not really fooling anyone, although clearly a dangerous man, he would never hurt his Luna. Holy shit!! My brother is the Luna of a pack of werewolves! I was still trying to wrap my head around this little, who am I kidding, HUGE revelation. Looking from my brother to the Alpha it was hard to miss the smoldering looks they were giving each other, the wolf more so than my brother, but he was definitely not unaffected by the whole matebond crap either. 

"So, let's start with something easy, shall we?" the Alpha says looking at us both, "Names, and age?" I figure I might as well answer him, cause Kyle is busy ogling him, trying to be stealthy, but he's not being very successful I might add. 

"I'm Leila, this is my brother Kyle, we are 19," I tell him.  

"Kyle," the guy says and looks like he's having a mini orgasm just saying his name, and judging from Kyles red face I would say the feeling is mutual, "the name suits you." "No last names?"

"Yeah, Leila and Kyle, that's us, and nope, no last names. Do you wanna tell us your names?" I might be a little disrespectful, but come on, info for info, right? 

"I'm Anders Patterson, I'm the Alpha of the Moonstone Pack, you might have heard of us? And this is Carl Branson, my Beta" he says pointing to the guy standing next to him. And I sure have heard of the Moonstone Pack, that's considered one of the strongest packs in the Northern Hemisphere. And it's more than clear that Kyle remembers that name too, cause he just visibly paled. Must not like the thought of his Alpha being that big of a deal. Damn, his Alpha, that is so weird!

"From what I know about tigers, you guys don't really like company much, not even family. How come you two run together?" he keeps going.

"Our mother was killed by hunters when we were 4, it just worked out that way. I guess we have a stronger bond than most tiger siblings because we helped each other survive from an early age" I tell him in a matter of factly voice, it's not like we're fishing for sympathy. That's just how it happened. He seems slightly shocked by it though, and I guess it is sort of impressive that we managed to survive on our own from that young an age. But what can I say? We are kinda awesome.

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