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My eyes shoot open. Looking around, I try to find the source of the constant ringing in my ear, and find my phone next to my head on my pillow. I must've fallen asleep while watching prison break. Again. I pick my phone up and, through squinted eyes, check the time. The numbers displayed across my screen read 7:20am. Turning off my alarm, I let my head fall back on my pillow and release a huge breath, seriously contemplating pulling a sickie. I shouldn't though, as I've already done it three times in the last three weeks, and as soft as my parents are with me, they won't let me miss another day of school for no reason. I can't really afford to anyway, as I've been falling behind lately. Closing my eyes, and slapping a hand to my face, I quietly whisper to myself,

"Is it really worth it though?"


After finally coming to the conclusion that, yes, it is really worth it, I get out of bed and proceed with my daily routine. As I finish off doing my eyebrows, I check the time and realise I still have quite a bit of time left as I woke up early. My eyes drift to my makeup bag and I think of doing my makeup properly for once, but then come to the realisation that I just don't have that kind of energy in the morning. I always tell myself I'll go to school with a full face of makeup one day, but I value my sleep a lot more than makeup, though it comes as a close second. I turn my music off which was playing No Words by Santan Dave featuring MoStack. My friends find it funny that I listen to British rap, but I grew up listening to that kind of music, as I only moved to California two years prior. It's become a lot more popular these days as well, especially in the UK.

Grabbing my bag, I leave my room and make my way downstairs. When I walk into the kitchen, I'm greeted with the sight of my shirtless older brother drinking orange juice straight from the carton. I roll my eyes at him and push past him. "Seriously Muhammad, do you have do that? And why are you never wearing a shirt? You own way too many to be walking around without one."

He finishes the carton and turns to me. "Seriously, Ari, do you have to be nagging at me so early in the morning? Let a man live, yeah?"

I stare at him blankly and he stares back. We end up having a staring contest until I have had enough. "You're such an idiot. Why do you have to be so dumb?"

"I think you phrased, 'Mo, can you be a wonderful brother and drop me off at school please', wrong."

I let a grin slip onto my face. "Yeah, I think you're right, actually. Thanks for correcting me." He rolls his eyes at me while I continue smiling sheepishly at him. Five minutes later he has proper clothes on we're walking out of the house and to his car. When I'm finally seated, he starts the car and drives. I turn my head and look out of the window. Thinking back to when we lived in England, I realise how different it is to America. At this time of the day, you would see kids in school uniforms all over the place. Smirking to myself at the memory of those horrible blazers and the fact that I don't have to wear them anymore, I let my mind drift off and continue observing.


Just as I'm Real by Jennifer Lopez featuring Ja Rule comes to an end, we pull up to the school. We have wide grins on our faces after having a karaoke session to old school songs. I realise we're at the school and then look at my brother. "Thanks Mo, I'll see you later, yeah?". I pull out of the quick hug I just gave him and listen to him as he responds. "It's alright, and yeah I'll see you when I pick you up from school. Be safe."

As I'm reassuring him I will be safe and that I won't get beaten up at school for whatever reason (he can get really unnecessarily worried sometimes), I hear slightly muffled voices calling my name. Looking over, we see my two friends, Maya and Yasmin, waiting near the school for me. More like drooling over my brother. I roll my eyes when I see him smirking  at them and waving as they practically have a heart attack. He loves teasing them because they make it so obvious that they think he's hot. It's seriously disgusting. Now, my brother isn't a player, in fact he doesn't really get acquainted with girls at all, but that doesn't mean that they don't want to get acquainted with him, nor does it mean he doesn't live for the swooning. It really boosts his ego tenfold. Add this to the fact that he was incredibly popular back when he attended this school, people just can't get enough of him.

He's not ugly though, I'll give it to him. In fact I have to admit, I think me and my siblings got quite lucky in the looks department, all thanks to my beautiful parents. We all have light brown skin and black hair, but Muhammad and I took after my father more than my mother. We have his sharper facial features and green eyes, whereas my other siblings got my mother's dark brown eyes. My mother is Colombian and my father is half Saudi Arabian and half Moroccan.

I'm pulled out of my thoughts when Mo shakes me. He looks at me expectantly, as if telling me to get out. Finally getting out of the car, I give him one last wave and walk over to my friends. We all stroll into the huge building that says 'Lakewood High', and I prepare myself for the no doubt, long ass day ahead of me.



Lol, okay so this is my very sad first attempt at writing a story, so don't laugh at me. Anyway, yeah, here it is. I'm aware it's really short, but I'm still getting the hang of this writing thing, so bare with me for now. Also, this isn't a religious story or anything, I just wanted some diversity in this story. See you in the next update! Another thing, the lyrics at the beginning of the chapters don't have any relevance to the actual chapter, I just like the songs lol. 

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