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We slowly walk to the living room when suddenly Corbyn, Zach and Jonah started singing. I stand behind the three of them and just keep quiet and nervous at the same time. Corbyn turn and look at me in the middle of them singing.

'sing' he said, whispering.


They sang harmoniously. They make a space between Zach and Jonah so that I can fit in at the end of the singing.

I continue the last part "happy birthday to youuuuu" I sing softly and smile towards Daniel.

I heard some camera shots around me. Daniel was shock. He blow the candles off and stare into my eyes. I literally melted right after. My face turn red as I look into his eyes. ARGHH his eyes are a blessing.

Daniel's POV

Zach and Jonah make a space between them and Diana fill in the space between them. My jaw drop when she sings to me the last part of the birthday song. Her voice is so smooth and she look beautiful. I blow the candles off and look into her eyes right away. this is literally the best birthday ever. My heart beats faster. i never feltlike this before.

'okayyy lets cut the cake guys.' Corbyn take the cake from Diana and put it on the dining table.

' you..u' I ask nervously.

'yesterday I slept here in the guest room' Diana answer.

'wait what means ?? what???? Omg u lied to me ???'

'Im sorry babe' she said while shaking her leg.

'its okay babe. thanks for this I loveyou' I grab her and hug her tightly

'I love u too' she said, whispering in my ears.

I got chills man. Im dying.

'guys cmon u guys can catch up later on' Corbyn yell as he eat a piece of cake.

'dude why did u cut the cake. Its Daniel's birthday not yours dude' Zach said while taking a video of Corbyn,probably instastory.

'im gettin' the vibes' he said as he continues to eat the cake.

*skip the celebration and everything*

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