Danganronpa AU 3

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3rd Person POV

It was 2:56 when Cory Crater found Jess Irene dead first and later Uni comic by Nick Schatzki and around 4:56. Where Jess Irene was found dead were a knife in her hand and a death letter. It said 'I couldn't take it anymore'. It looked like 'she' slipped his throat open. Where Uni was found dead were hammer 4, a pen and glass. Blood was spilling from the back of his head. It was time to go to the Grand hall. Rest in peace Jess Irene and Uni Comic. You will be missed. :(

Luna's POV

2 victims can only mean 2 culprits or 1 culprit. Jess used to stand in between Jon and Sky and Uni used to stand next to Dawn and Tommy "What are we suppose to do?" Yellow asked. "I have no idea, this killer went farther than the other ones but I think I have a clue on who it is" I said. "Well then who are the main suspects?" Nick asked. "Uni died after Jess because Uni was with Jon when Cory, Ashley and I were looking for clues" I said. "Tommy and Shelby were in another room when this we were looking and Cory and Barney left a little early" I continued. "So the killer didn't have time to clean up every thing" Ashley said. "And the culprit must have tried to blame it on Uni" Cory said. "No, it's the opposite" I said.
"So the culprit wanted to blame it on Jess?" Cory asked. "Exactly" I said. "Here is how it went.
The culprit was staying hidden from Jess. They were supposed to go after Uni but Jess got in the way. The knife was from Jon's daggers, the ones that he use to juggle with. The culprit put there hand on Jess's mouth and slipped her throat open. The culprit didn't clean up and wrote a suicide note quickly not thinking of Jess's handwriting. The culprit left to go get changed and cleaned up. After everyone found Jess dead, the culprit left early to plots their next kill. They told Cory to leave to try to blame it on him. They got hammer 4 from the game room and went inside the closet with hammer 4. When Uni passed by the closet, the culprit jumped out and hit Uni in the back of the head over and over again, killing him. The culprit wiped the blood off of hammer 4 and placed the pen in Uni's hand and must have dropped the glass from their pocket when fixing every thing. They hid in the nearest room and waited until someone found him. The culprit left with no blood on them. They came back acting normal like nonthing ever happened" I explained. "The culprit is so close................Barney Winkleton, what intention did you have?" I asked. "No, you have the wrong person. It was Cory I tell you" Barney said. "Then explain where were you at 12:23 am when Jess died and 3:57 when Uni died" I said. He started to sweat. "Uni didn't deserve to live. We was always getting in the way" Barney said. "And I am the easy one to blame because I said that I would cause a massacure, right?" Cory asked. "Yes" I responded. We all agreed it was Barney and the punishment began.


Barney was running from the bones of a Trex. The Trex was alive somehow. Barney kept running and running from the Trex while the Trex was chasing him. Monokumu was on top of the Trex wearing a cowboy hat with the word 'Wall'. Barney ran into a rocky place. Barney was starting to sweat and he tripped and fell. He tried to get up but the Trex was already there. The Trex stomped on Barney making his bones break and he started to bleed. The Trex went in and bit Barney completely. Blood was on the Trex teeth and on the floor. Everything went black.


Cory Crater: The Best Photographer
Nick Schatzki: The Best Voice Actor
Ashley 9596: The Best Swordsman
Jon Jon: The Best Joker
Dawn Riku: The Best Techisis
Tommy Shreddens: The Best Bomber
Luna Lover: The Best Detective
Red Vactor: The Best Switcher
Sky Minecraft: The Best Devil
Shelby Grace: The Cinnamon Bun


Jin Bop: The Bookworm
Ross Washington: The Best Doctor
Nick Barbarian: The Best Gamer
Max Mithzan: The Best Axemen
Jess Irene: The Best Vetinarian
Uni Comics: The Best Artist
Barney Winkleton: The Best Historian

Where everyone stands

                   Cory             Barney
            Nick                         Jin
         Jon                                   Shelby
      Jess                                           Red
         Sky                                      Tommy
             Zres                                Uni
                Ashley                   Dawn
                          Ross     Max

Right Now


          Jon                               Shelby
          Sky                                   Tommy
                  Ashley                Dawn

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