Chapter 24

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As we neared two oak doors I realized we were heading for the ballroom; I knew it from my dancing lessons. The ceiling was high, rivaling a churches, and the floor was covered in smooth white marble. Gold tapestries and curtain hung from different points on the walls.

We entered after Lauralie's clacking heels into the otherwise silent room. Hunter stood in the center of the floor, looking over into the distance with his hands clasped behind his back. His face was a mask of zero emotions. It scared me more than I wanted to admit and if my child side was attempting to come back it was long gone by now. "Thank you Lauralie, you may go," he instructed his voice quiet; I got chills.

The room was quiet for several minutes. "Sir?" Cody began hesitantly.

"Silence, Demon,” Hunter growled loudly. "Tell me, do you think it is right for a man's bride to be a different species than himself?"

"Uh," Cody started, taken aback by his cruel tone.

Hunter never let him finish. "Or do you suppose, it is right for a commander's general to go behind is back? Telling all his troops lies?"

"I… uh…?" By now both Cody and I’s eyes were wide in innocent confusion. "Well no I don't suppose its right-" he managed to stutter out before Hunter interrupted him again.

"Exactly, It is not right," He finally turned to face, his expression absolutely cold. "Then if you know that, why are you contradicting your speech? Why..." Hunter's voice grew deathly quiet. “Are you in love with my bride?"

Both of us froze and my heart ceased to beat. How in the world did he know? He’s going to do something bad to Cody, I know it! "He-" I tried to defend him but Hunter shot me a glare so hot with anger my voice died in my throat.

The vampire prince began pacing. "Do you think I have no ears? No eyes? No brain? The slaves tend to gossip, you know. I wasn't willing to accept it until Gracie's depression set in the moment you were gone. Somehow it’s magically gone. Strange isn't it?" His voice was filled with bitterness and it started to border hysteric. "Imagine, my top slave stealing my own bride from under my nose. But no more,"

My Demon stood there looking on in horror but did not speak a single syllable to defend himself. We both knew it was pointless.

His eyes flashed dangerously. "Here, Gracie," I tried not to bristle at being called to him like a dog and clenched my fists, walking slowly to him. "Do you know how much control I have over Cody?" I shook my head dumbly. "I made him into the Demon he is now. If I give a direct command, he has to follow it, he doesn't have a choice. Sit, Demon!" He shouted and Cody immediately dropped to the floor, crossing his legs.

"You see he is my puppet. I already bit you once, you did not change into a Demon like I thought you would. Time for another experiment." Hunter eyed Cody.

~~(Cody's POV)~~

I gulped. I was not liking this situation. Hunter was gripping Gracie's wrist in a tight hold. A growl almost left my throat. She's mine!, my mind whimpered in anger. Seeing his hands on her made me want to bite something. Like Hunter's head off. "Time for another experiment," He suggested as I tuned in again from the floor.

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