Friends for Blood

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I really dislike U.A HighSchool now. I can see everyone perfectly. Well except for that girl that is invisible.

'These people aren't true heros... they are all fake.'

I can't blow my cover of being a villain to anyone! My main job right now is to gain blood samples form all of the students in Class A.

Everyone sees me as quiet and shy. If i could just make them accidentally cut or stab themselves I can collect a blood sample!

Today alone I managed to make some friends. I kept up the act of being shy and added in an act of being anxious.

It fooled them perfectly.

I made friends with Iida-kun, Ochaco-chan, and Todoroki-kun.

I analyzed their routines perfectly and found open opportunities to collect blood. I didn't initiate my plan just yet.

Before I do anything suspisous or villain like I need to clear myself of being a suspect if they ever think I'm a villain. I just have to get closet to them. Become more than friends.... family~

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