Break Up Or Make Up Part 4.

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I heard a cute giggle making me smile a little but keep my eyes closed. I tightened my grip on her waist and pulled her closer to me making her giggle once again and place her hands on my face making me smile and open my eyes slightly. I opened my eyes and saw her looking at me with a small smile on her face making me hum.

Y/n:"Why are you looking at me like that?"I questioned making her trace my jawline and smile at me.

Kendall:"I almost forgot how cute you looked when you woke up....almost"She said making me laugh a little and move closer to her.

Y/n:"You're warm"I mumbled making her giggle and kiss my nose.

Kendall:"Now you know how I feel"She mumbled making me chuckle and look at her.

Y/n:"I like seeing that look in your eyes"I said as I saw her eyes have a certain sparkle in them that I haven't seen in a while.

Kendall:"What look?"She asked slightly confused making me sit up properly. She laid her head on my chest and looked up at me making me smile at her.

Y/n:"I don't know...there's just a sparkle in your eyes that I haven't seen in while"I said making her smile and look at me.

Kendall:"That's cause I'm with you"She mumbled thinking that I didn't hear it making me smile and kiss her head.

Y/n:"So are you going to tell me where you're taking me?"I questioned making her sit up and shake her head. She looked at her watch and smiled big making me look at her confused. I heard the door open and saw the flight attendant walk out.

"Miss Jenner and Miss Y/l/n"She said sending us a small smile"We are landing now so please switch all devices off and put your seat belts on"She said making us nod and buckle up.

Kendall:"Its colourful and cold"She said making me pout and look at her.

Y/n:"I already know those things and cant you just tell me since we're here"I said making her smile and shake her head.

Kendall:"Just wait till we land Y/n/n"She said making me pout and sigh. We landed and gathered all of our things and then started walking out the plane when Kendall stopped me"Close your eyes"She said making me groan.


Kendall:"For me?"She asked pouting making me groan more but close my eyes"Don't open until I tell you to"She said making me nod and let her guide me. As soon as we walked out I got hit with a cold breeze making me shiver a little.

Y/n:"Jesus that's cold"I said making her giggle.

Kendall:"Okay!"She said making me open my eyes and stare at the board in shock. I re-read the board over five times and then looked at her in shock.

Y/n:"No way"I said making her smile big at me.

Kendall:"Welcome to Finland, Kakslauttanen to be exact"She said making me look at the board again.

Y/n"No way"I said still in shock as we walked down the steps of the plane making her giggle and look at me.

Kendall:"Yes way. I wanted to bring to you here since all you did last year was talk about coming here and seeing all the northern lights and getting to see this place since your sisters came here. I wanted to bring you here cause you said that you wanted to bring me here cause it would be the perfect place for us to have some couple time and stuff so I thought why not...."She said shyly making me pick her up and spin her around making her giggle.

Y/n:"This is perfect!"I said putting her down and cupping her"This is absolutely perfect"I said making her blush and look down making me tilt her head up"I told you not to hide your blush"I said making her face go completely red making me chuckle a little.

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