Grayson is racist - Ethan

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Disclaimer this is only an Imagine

You and Ethan had been dating for a while , it was really low key , it was so low key that Grayson didn't know , you decided to keep your relationship a secret due to fans and drama and mainly because Grayson was overprotective of who his brother dated due to horrible ex girlfriends that cheated on him. Today you were meeting him for the first time, After meeting him you and Ethan decided you wanted to go public with your relationship.

"I'm so nervous, What if he doesn't like me" you sighed

Ethan put his hand on top of yours and intertwined his fingers with yours.

"He's my twin brother , He'll love you" he reassured

"Even if he for some crazy , Reason he doesn't like you , It's not gonna change my love for you" he smiled

"Okay lets do this then" you smiled

You both hopped out of the car and headed inside Ethan and Grayson's shared apartment.

"Gray" Ethan called out

"Yeah" he said you could hear his footsteps, and your heart began to race

"Hey what's up" he greeted

"Hi" you said back

"No need to be rude , but who is she" Grayson asked

"She's my girlfriend, I brought her over to introduce her to you" Ethan said wrapping his arm around you

"bro you have a girlfriend, Since when!" He asked

"Oh since January" he smirked

"It's now June, so 6 months!" He said

"Yeah , I wanted to do it when the time was right"  he smiled

"Lets go sit down" Ethan suggested

"Wait can I talk to you real quick" Grayson asked clenching his jaw

"Sure" Ethan said

They both left the living room and went to Grayson's room.

"Bro What the fuck , you had a girlfriend and you didn't tell me" Grayson whisper shouted

"I wanted it to be a secret" he whispered back

They're whispering wasn't very good because you could hear everything, And Grayson's walls were clearly thin.

"Whatever, She's Black" he whispered

"And , What does her race have to do with it" he whispered back

"Your so dumb , out all the sexy girls in la you choose a black girl, black people are probably the most problematic race" he whisper shouted

"Are you listening to yourself right now, How ignorant are you, your a stereotypical, Insensitive Asshole" Ethan snapped

"I'm just saying, you being with a black girl will cause uproar from the fans, and I personally think we should stay within our race" Grayson said back to him

You could hear everything, you were shocked , How could Grayson say such horrible things about you simply because you were black, you felt your eyes burn , you were about to cry , but you didn't, you decided to barge in on their racist conversation.

"How could you , you don't even know me" you snapped barging into Ethan's room

"What are you talking about" he asked

"You think I'm deaf I could hear what you were saying about me , So what if I'm black! There's no difference between us other than my complexion being darker and if you think that's a reason for someone not to love someone due to their skin color you really need help" you said angrily

"Your a nigger" he snapped

"We are white we can't be seen with blacks" Grayson sniggered

You were about to slap him but Ethan stopped you.

"I'm so embarrassed that I brought my girlfriend to meet a racist, Stereotypical  cunt like you , y/n I'm sorry" Ethan said looking at his twin brother in disgust

"You shouldn't be apologizing" you said

"Come on Ethan let's go" you said

He packed a bag and headed to your house far away from Grayson.

"You know I love you no matter what" he said looking down

"Hey don't be sad" you said rubbing his cheek with

"I love you too" you said kissing him

A/N- Grayson isn't racist irl obviously/ Vote 💗, I've seven imagines left on this book should I make a second imagine book ?

A/N- Grayson isn't racist irl obviously/ Vote 💗, I've seven imagines left on this book should I make a second imagine book ?


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