Chapter 1

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"Baby are you ready for school?" my mom called. 

"Just a minute mom, be right there" 

After few moments of brushing my hair I quickly put on a beanie, grabed my bag and rushed down the stairs. I grabbed an apple and started eating it. After I finished it, my mom and I jumped in the car and she drove us off. 

When we reached the school I grabbed my bag from back seat and head towards the school. 

"Be good Pam!!'' my mom yells after  me. 

"Always!'' I yell back.

Here we go again, another day in hell!

My first class was Geography which I couldn't care less about. And after that I had Math and History. And then my absolute favourite thing in school. Lunch.

I had a lot friends, but I didn't really had a best friend or a grup of people I would hang out with all the time. Just when I was about to take my second bite in my cheeseburger an annoying sound appears behind me.

"Pammy babe move, you're at our table''

You know how every school has this girl that runs the place even though everone hates her she gets her own way and she's a bitch and her daddy's wealthy so she thinks she's better than everyone but she's super stupid but doesn't realize it blah blah... well let me introduce you to Stella Jones.

"Stells honey, if you don't get out of my face I will have to put down this delicious cheeseburger and slap you across that cake-like face of yours. And I'm sure you don't want another nose job now ''

I actually already punched Stella before. It was in sophmore year. She kept talking shit about me so I punched her straight to the nose and broke it. She told everyone she had a nose job done but it was just me.

"Nobody likes you'' she fired back as all of them went to another table.

I was seriously sick of this girl. They were whispering something about me.

"Who does she think she is?'' and "How dare she do that to you Stells!'' I just smiled an bit in my cheeseburger again.

Seconds later someone sat next to me. It was Matt Adams. Well here we go again.

 "Hey I saw the cat fight. Well it looked like a tiger vs cat but anyways I liked it''

"Scared I'll scratch your girlfriend?"

"Nah I don't fuck with that"

I knew Matt since kindergarten. We used to be best friends. Yes, I know how could I be best friends with this donkey that's staring at me right now. Well I wouldn't know, we just kind of grew up together thanks to our moms. After my brother went to jail, he kind of made new friends that I never got to know and we drifted apart I guess. He was like my second brother. He always looked out for me, even when we drifted apart he was always looking out for me if I got into trouble. We occasionlly talked to each other but it never went back to normal.

"Well you are aware that we aren't besties so did you expect anything less from me?" I asked with a smirk on my face.

"Nah I know you can stand up for yourself. You shouldn't let anyone push you around" he said with a serious look.

"Okay doctor Phil I'll keep that in mind. So any other advice you want to share or are you going to tell me why you came here?"

"Gee chill woman I'm just trying to gide you in the right path" he said and put a hand on my shoulder as if he would actually give ma a lecture.

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