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joe sighed knocking on isabella's door

"come in"
joe heard

he opened the door & saw isabella under the covers. he smiled sadly walking over to her bed & sliding in next to her. isabella turned around looking at joe. he sighed wiping her tears.

"have you talked to dacre"
joe asked

isabella said bluntly

"so what's wrong"
joe questioned

"i still lost one of my best friends"
isabella mumbled

joe looked at her sadly pulling her into a hug. isabella sighed resting her head on his chest

"remember the good days before we had crushes"
isabella laughed sarcastically

"the good days? that was only two years ago"
joe laughed

"yeah so"
isabella said

"how can you be heartbroken but still make jokes"
joe asked

"it's a good coping mechanism"
isabella answered patting his chest

"are you okay though"
joe asked pulling away slightly to look at her

"i will be it'll just take a few days before i'm back to being myself"
isabella sighed

"looks like i'm not leaving your side for awhile then"
joe replied putting on arm being his head

"that's fine i don't mind"
isabella said looking at the ceiling

"remember when i had short hair"
joe said

"yeah but i think long looks better on you"
isabella replied

"well duh"
he said as if it were the most obvious thing in the world

"chill the tude dude"
isabella laughed

"chill the tude dude"
joe asked

"hey man don't question it"
isabella replied

  "alright then"
joe nodded

"you and the rest of the cast are the only ones that haven't been fake to me"
isabella said looking at joe

"hey don't get all sad again"
  joe said

     isabella just shrugged looking at the wall in front of her.

     "i love youuu"
joe smiled

"yeah yeah love you too"
isabella laughed light

isabella at joe and smiled. joe smiled back at her before looking down at her lips leaning down a bit & kissing her

THE TEA IS SCORCHING HOT LAIDES 👀 it's also a bit short but 🤷🏻‍♀️

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