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1) Reader: Dear Penny what are you going to do to Y/n when you find her?

Penny: You'll just have to wait and see.🤭🤫

2)Reader: How do you get that handsome face of yours?

Penny: She gave it to me.

3)Reader: Why do you like Y/n and why are you interested in her?

Penny: Well you see Y/n is not like any other girl out there....she's different😉

4)Reader: why are you in love with her anyways?

Penny: What do you mean 🤨

5)Reader: Hey Penny how did you like Y/n pussy?

Penny: 😐😐😐😐

6)Reader: what shampoo do you use and I'm gonna need that name of your lip stick too? Also can I get a hug I've never gotten one from a clown before?

Penny: I use coconut shampoo and the lips stick color is "Russian Red", and yes.

7)Reader: Penny are you mad at Y/n?

Penny: Maybe a little.....

8)Reader: Penny how did you get your hair so orange and glories that it is?

Penny: it's a secret🤫 shhhhh

9)Reader: Penny do you love me?

Penny: What, love? What's that?

10)Reader: Penny why you so cute?

Penny: I don't know why do you think I'm so cute?

11) Reader: Penny, will you notice me senpai?

Penny: 😐*blink*😐

12)Reader: Penny, can I call you daddy?

Penny: 😐😐😐

13)Reader: Penny, what do you think about    Y/n?

Penny: She's.....

14)Reader: Penny why don't you live in a cleaner place than the sewer?

Penny: Don't ask.

15)Reader: Georgie didn't you realize that it's just a paper boat and Bill could've made you another one?

Georgie's ghost: I didn't know I'm just a little kid, or at least I used to be😔😔😔

Writer: Leave my baby boy alone, he's too precious for this world😩

16)Reader:  Eddie why are you so fucking adorable?

Eddie: *shrugs shoulders*🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

17)Reader: Penny why do you treat Y/n like a babygirl?

Penny: Because she is my babygirl.

18)Reader: Penny why did you kill Georgie?

Penny: I was hungry *shrugs shoulders*

19)Reader: Why......I ask.....everyday?

Penny: Huh?

20)Reader: Penny why is Y/n your kitten, that's creepy.

Penny: No it's not, only she can be my kitten that's why.

21)Reader: Dear Penny, would you consider dating a female Antisepticeye?

Penny: 😐*blink*😐*blink* 😐*awkward silence*😐

22)Reader: why are u yandere for Y/N and why haven't u just killed the dudes that like her?

Penny: cause then she'll hate me.

23)Reader: Penny why don't you show up to your kitten more often?

Penny: I'm busy most of the time.

24) Is Penny mad at Y/N for wanting to leave?

Penny: I am.

25) Reader: Uh wanna sprite cranberry?....jk can I have a hug?

Penny: sure.


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