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'Twas a cold morning in Overland Park Kansas, the whole city was buzzing about the big party on the night of the 25th, hosted by Tristan Mckee and his boyfriend Tanner Christiansen. Mackenzie, Brittany and Trisha, had plans to go shopping for the big event.

Mackenzie and Trisha walked into Brittany's apartment building and pressed the button for the lift, "So, what kind of dress do you plan to wear to the party?" Trisha asked Mackenzie while entering the lift and pressing the button for the 9th floor, "I don't know, something that gets everybody's attention." she answered looking over at Trisha. The both of them strolled along the corridor towards Brittany's ridiculously exepnsive and huge penthouse, Mackenzie rung the bell and the both of them leaned against the wall. 

"Girls? What are you doing here?" Mrs. Matthews asked, "Oh were just here to pick up Brittany, we had shopping plans." Trisha said, "Brittany isn't awake yet, but you can go and wake her up if you want." Mrs. Matthews said, moving aside to let them in, "Jesus Christ it's 11:00 o'clock how much does that fuck sleep?" Mackenzie muttered making sure no one except Trisha heard her. They walked down the long hallway making their way to Brittany's room. 

They opened the door to find the blonde still asleep on her bed, the room was a complete mess, which was completely unlike Brittany, the duo stared at each other and then looked around the room, "The fuck." Mackenzie said under her breath, "Is something wrong with her?" Trisha mumbled. Walking over to her bed, her hair was a complete mess and everything was motionless except for the steady rising of her chest. "God, she looks so fucking peaceful when she sleeps, it's like the monstrous bitchy Brittany doesn't even exist." Mackenzie said softly, "Yeah it's nice to see her calm and peaceful sometimes, its warming." Trisha said while the both of them gently sat down on both sides of the sleeping girl, both of them smiling stared down at their best friend. Mackenzie was lost in a trance. Fuck she's so fucking pretty. 

Brittnay slowly started moving around and flickered her eyes open, "What the..fuck?" she said trying to pull herself up but failing miserably and fell back onto her pillows, "Brit? Weren't we on for shopping today?" Trisha asked, "Yeah and why the fuck is your room in such a mess?" Mackenzie asked while helping her friend up and gesturing towards the whole room with one arm, the other arm on Brittany's back, "I-uh, um.." Brittany stuttered, "I was kinda sick last night" she finally said, "Oh well, are we still on for shopping?" Trisha asked picking up a sweatshirt from the floor and tossing it on the bedside table. "Y-Yeah I guess.." she said moving past Mackenzie in a horrible effort to get off the bed, resulting in her stumbling off and landing with a huge thud, "FUUUCK!" Brittany yelled out in frustration, Mackenzie and Trisha exchanged glances before rushing over to her side, "Brittany what the fuck is wrong with you?" Mackenzie said, pulling the blonde girl up, "God you really are sick" Trisha said stretching her hand out, placing the back of her palm on Brittany's head who was now moaning from the pain. "AAH SATAN!" Trisha yelled, "YOU CAN BOIL AN EGG ON IT!".  "I don't give. a. fuck. Let's go shopping!" Brittany said, failing yet again to get up and stumbling back on Mackenzie. 

"Britt.." Mackenzie said pulling her closer, "We don't have to go shopping, you seem really sick, just take some rest and we can go tomorrow ok?" She said calmly in hopes to soothe Brittany down, "But-" Brittany started off, "Save it." she hissed, "You're gonna take rest and that's that." she said fiercly, "Yeah I agree with Mackenzie.."  Trisha said quietely not wanting to anger the girl even more. 

"Okay fine." she finally agreed, the two of them helped her up and led her towards her bed and gently laid her down, "Need something?" Trisha asked, sitting down beside her, "An Aspirin, I gue-" she said until she was interrupted, "Is everything alright in here? What's going on?" Mrs. Matthews entered the room, "Oh my god, was there a tornado in here?" she asked, looking around, her eyes finally landing on her not so well daughter, "Ohmygod, honey is everything okay?" Britney opened her mouth as if to say something but the words didn't seem to come out, "She's just sick Mrs. Matthews." Mackenzie spoke up, "Yeah..real sick." Trisha added, getting up and standing by the bed to make room from Mrs. Matthews, who gently sat down beside her daughter and placed the back of her palm on Brittany's head, "JESUS FUCKING CHRIST." she yelled out. "I. KNOW. RIGHT." Trisha said gasping, "Okay what the fuck is the big deal here-" Mackenzie said, trying it out for herself, "JESUS FUCKING YELLOW PENGUINS" she said wide eyed. "Can you guys stop fucking screaming?" Brittany said softly, which was unusual. "Okay Okay, Do you need anything honey? Some food? I'll get you some medicine, now tell me." she said looking down at her daughter, Mackenzie stared down at Britney and Trisha looked out the window, "N-nothing mom." Brittany finally choked out, "Alright, I'll be right back." she said scurrying out of the room.

Brittany gestured for Mackenzie to help her up, after settling herself she shifted her weight onto to Mackenzie who was now right beside her, they sat in silence until Trisha's phone started to ring at a volume that could easily deafen anyone, Britanny and Mackenzie jolted upright from the slouchy position they were in. "For fucks sakeTrisha!" Mackenzie yelled, "I'm sorry guys." she said before answering the phone, Britanny rested against Mackenzie again and made herself comfortable, "I'm sorry" Brittany said, looking over at Mackenzie, Wait what the fuck. Did she really just apoligize to someone?!?!?! Mackenzie thought to herself in suprise, "F-For what?" she asked, still in shock, "For ruining todays plans and for being such a bitch about it." she said sighing and closing her eyes, "W-Wait what?" Mackenzie asked. now even more in shock. What the actual FUCK. Brittany tried to say something, but before she could, they were once again interrupted by Mrs. Matthews, "Here honey, take this." she said holding out a small tablet and a glass of water, "Thanks Mom". Mrs. Matthews simply smiled kissed her daughters forehead and left the room, "I'll leave you guys alone, if you need anything just let me know" 

Wait did she just thank someone? What is happeniiiiing? Mackenzie pondered, she was taken aback, "S-So what were you saying?" she asked Brittany after she had gulped the tablet down and taken her position against Mackenzie, "I-I feel bad for ruining today's plans-" she was cut off yet again, this time by Trisha, "I'm really sorry guy but I really have to get going, my mother just called up and told me to meet her at Walmart, it seemed like an emergency." she said, "Take care Britt, I'll see you later Mackenzie." she said hurrying out of the room, "Bye Bye Mrs. Matthews!" she said and then it was all peace and quiet, "So you were saying?" Mackenzie asked in hopes that she wouldn't get cut off again, "Yeah I just-" she said gulping, "I've ruined a lot of things for you, and I've never apoligized for any of it, and I have no idea how you put up with my shit-" she said, pausing to take a deep breath, "I promised myself that I wouldn't ruin anything else, but I-" now almost in tears she nuzzled deeper into Mackenzie, "I ruined it again. I don't care if it's just shopping I just-" she sniffed, "I still ruined it." 

Brittany found herself crying. Brittany Matthews - crying. "I'm sorry." she said repeatedly, "I'm so so sorry." "Britt..I-" Mackenzie said, she was left open mouthed, she felt the girl shake against her and was slowly losing grip and falling back onto the bed, Mackenzie pulled her up and closer to her than she ever had. "Britt, please don't cry, I-" Mackenzie said, tears forming in her own eyes, "I love you ok? You'll always be my best friend, not matter what." she said, holding on tight to the other girl, "You really mean that?" Brittany asked, her voice muffled, "Of course I do." she said smiling to herself, "I love you too." Brittany said hugging Mackenzie even tighter, after a minute of staying in the same position, they loosened their grips and laid down on the bed side by side, "This never happened, deal?" Brittany said after a few moments of silence, "Deal." Mackenzie said giggling to herself. 

Brittany fell asleep, Mackenzie gazed at her. And that's when she knew it. She was in love, and not just any type of love, she'd fallen hard for Brittany Matthews. Very Hard. 

I am so FUCKED. 

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