What every girl needs to hear

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Here is where i will give you the best advice that you need and this hopefully will be worth a read.

First you are not alone, i'm always here and there are lots of people going through the same things you are.

Second all of this won't matter in 10 years or maybe when you get out of high school. It won't matter because you will be happy and living life to the fullest and the guy you liked won't even come to your mind.

All relationships don't last and some just aren't meant to be. Your crush will not control your life and you will find someone else.

You will find someone. It may take years but you will find the right person.

You will be happy and it will get better. Even if you don't feel like you will ever get better the future has plans for you.

I'm not trying to say your crush is horrible i'm just trying to say that it will get better and you will find someone.

I hope all of you read this and felt better because it makes me feel better to write this knowing i'm helping others.

btw even if your friends are dating other people it doesn't mean you have to. Don't chase guys that don't want you. Wait and see what happens because great things come unexpectedly.


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