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Author's Note:

Dedicated the chapter to MollyNight because her story is so unique and I love reading it! I hope this part gets any better. :) I can't think of anything else to say to I hope this lives up to 1D fanfic expectations!

Chapter 1

10 years later…

Tasha’s POV:

“C’mon Tasha!” shouted Amelia through my earpiece. I was sprinting across the long, dark hallway along with my friend and fellow spy, Lindsay. Right now we were in a rival agency that was trying to steal paintings from some Italian Museum. Apparently the museum has a lot of old and expensive paintings of tremendous value. We just stole their secret files that had their plans for stealing the paintings.

“I’m almost there, calm down!” I yelled back into the tiny mic.  Sheesh. Amelia can be so impatient sometimes.

Nobody else seemed to be in the building as Lindsay and I continued to run towards the car which would bring us to the helicopter. The helicopter would bring us back to headquarters.  

“Amelia’s gonna have your head when we’re finished you know.” said Lindsay.

“I don’t care, she always says she will but she never does,” I replied “Let’s just get outta here.” We then proceeded to quicken our pace.

“HEY!” oh crap.

I cast a quick glance behind us and saw a couple guards in the doorway running towards us. I didn’t have to look at Lindsay to know we had to get outta there NOW. Even though only the guards were here, there were still too many to deal with for only two people.

Behind us, I could hear the guards cocking their guns.

Next to me I could silently hear Lindsay muttering crap over and over again.

As we neared a door in the hall, I took my gun out of my side belt and shot the keypad for the doorway as Lindsay and I ran past it. But not before one of the guards tried to shoot at Lindsay. The door shut and some static appeared around the door.

The bullet landed centimeters away from her foot. More bullets could be heard hitting against the now locked door.

“They must be pretty serious about this file.” She joked. She wasn’t even slightly worried about what just happened.

I just nodded to her silently. This building was giving me the creeps.

“Oh crap! Look!” Lindsay cried. I turned my head towards where she was pointing. The exit door was beginning to close and a loud alarm was going off. I hugged the files close to my chest and Lindsay and I booked it out of there. About 10 feet away from the door we slid out with ease.

“Heck yeah!” we both cried.

“Where the hell are you guys?? The whole building is flashing red and doors are shutting down. It looks like a war is happening here!” shouted Amelia. Sometimes this earpiece does more bad than good  I thought.

“Hold on, we’re about 40 feet away.” I mentally rolled my eyes at her.

We continued to sprint down the forest path that led away from this agency. All the sudden an electrical wire started flashing and a tree collapsed with a loud thump  in the middle on of the path. Lindsay barely had enough time before she did a magnificent front flip over the tree. I ran faster and proceeded with a one handed cartwheel over the tree, still clutching the files tightly.

I ran a little farther and then I saw a small black jeep sitting to the side of the road.

I could see Lindsay hop into the front seat of the car, which was now waiting for me. I hopped into the back seat and Amelia hit the gas and sped away. We were in silence for a moment before Amelia spoke.

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