Chapter 05: Run n' Gun

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Chaos and death were given form as the Berserker brought its hands up, made two fists, and smashed Thompson's skull in between them. Greg let out a small sound of terror as fresh, warm blood sprayed his face and uniform.

"Run!" Carter screamed as he suddenly bolted forward, hand in his pocket.

Greg couldn't believe how fast everything had gone to hell. There were two more Berserkers to his right, stepping out of their cages, with Carter racing up to the one directly in front of them that had just murdered Thompson.

Kyra, Campbell, and Reed beat a hasty retreat deeper into the lab, away from the beasts. Greg moved with them, uncomprehending of what Carter might do. The security officer pulled something from his inner pocket, reached the Berserker and leaped into the air. The titanic Undead was in the midst of roaring, its mouth a gaping maw. Carter shoved what Greg finally recognized was a grenade into its mouth, landed, turned, and sprinted away.

"I said move!" Carter screamed.

Greg moved. He joined Carter in fleeing the alcove created by the racked cages and just barely managed to clear it when the grenade went off. Greg stopped and peered back around the corner, seeing the huge beast slump to the floor, now headless, its thick neck little more than a smoking crater. He laughed and kept moving.

"Nice one."

"Yeah, but we've still got two more to deal with, and that was my only grenade," Carter replied as they raced on.

They caught up with the others deeper in the lab as the Berserkers gained their senses and tore through the cages and equipment to get at them.

"I've never really fought one of these things before," Carter said. "How in the hell do you kill them?"

"Shoot them in the head, a lot, with big guns. Though I've usually had luck with dispatching them via the environment. Although it doesn't look like there's much in the way of that in this lab," Greg replied.

The first Berserker rounded the corner, caught sight of them, and roared. It charged for them. The group opened fire, blasting away chunks of flesh and spraying midnight blood across the area. The second one appeared as the first slowed from taking so much gunfire. Everyone emptied their weapons and reloaded.

The thing was still stood.

"Shit. Carter, Mike, Kyra, Reed, get out of here. If we all hang around we're just going to get in each others' way!" Greg called.

The quartet must have agreed with him, because they beat a hasty retreat. He and Campbell backed away in the opposite direction, opening fire again and leading the creatures deeper into the lab. Greg began to really worry.

"What the fuck are we gonna do, man?" Campbell asked.


The wounded Berserker charged them and swung. Greg ducked and Campbell dove out of the way, narrowly avoiding the titan's swing. They were recovering when the second beast charged for them. Greg barely tossed himself out of the way and the thing crashed into a tower of equipment, sending it sprawling everywhere.

"Do you hear that?" Campbell asked suddenly.

Recovering, Greg listened, and after a second, he did. It was the odd, almost wave-like sound of raw electricity.

"What is that?" he asked.

"Who cares? Maybe we can use it," Campbell replied.

They kept backing up, keeping out of reach of the recovering Berserkers, and found another towering wall of stacked crates. Quickly, the pair moved around it and put it between them and the rampaging Undead.

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