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lower case is intended. first pov

Put on a smile,
dry your eyes.

Don't let them see,
you're telling them lies.

Hide your scars,
cut your skin.

The voices inside,
you're letting them.

i walked around the house, it was quiet and empty. nobody was at home, i remember waking up and finding myself alone. my parents were working and my little sister was at school.

i got dressed, why wasn't i at school?

i tried to remember the precious events but i couldn't. it was like my memory was taken away from me, shrugging off the feeling i walked out the door locking it.

the park was not occupied. i sat on the bench, a lady walked towards me but ignored me. i wondered why.

she bought out her newspaper and begun reading, not caring about me. suddenly, a ball flew towards me.

"hey!" i shouted, the dog ignored me and picked up the ball.

the owner showed no sign of guilt it was as if he didn't notice i was there. 

"should we go there today?" a familar voice spoke.

i remember this voice, wait it was asano gakushuu my boyfriend. we were dating, he must be worried for me. i walked behind the group of 3a students who were chattering.

"alright, lets go do this." asano spoke clearly as he gave out instructions, i trailed behind. nobody seemed to notice i was tagging along, asano didn't even notice i was here.

they continued to walk around the streets, crossing roads to an unfamiliar place. where were they going? what was the occasion?

i trudged up the mountain with them, the students bought out mini gifts from their school bags. i was curious was was my boyfriend doing?

gathering around, the students gathered around. placing their gifts then leaving, i was puzzled in the middle of the nowhere. asano stood there watching everybody, he looked very sad. he bowed his head and walked off and was the last to leave.

i turned around and had a clear view what they were doing.

there was a stone, with words engraved.

'she shall be remembered, (l/n) (f/n).'

i remembered. i was a ghost, i committed suicide but my past? i forgot.


I honestly don't know wat I'm writing now ;;

please understand suicide is not a joke. being suicidal and suicide is two different things.

i really don't know how to explain how depression works and all. if something is wrong with your friend have a chat, do not leave them alone. i really don't know how to word this but it's NO JOKE.

if any of you readers are struggling, ask a friend to help you

- Kuuro

(requests open)

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