Part 12

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Manik had been looking for Nandini, but couldn't find her. He asked Cabir and Cabir told him that she had gone out. Nandini had been going out from the past few days, so Manik believed in what Cabir said.

Whenever someone asked about Aryaman, Cabir told them that Aryaman had to leave in a hurry and would be back the next day. No one doubted what Cabir said, since Aryaman was a busy man.

Nandini stayed in Aarav's room waiting for Aryaman to gain consciousness.

It was night, everyone retired to their rooms. Aryaman was gaining consciousness. As they had decided earlier, Nandu pinged Cabir immediately and Cabir came there and stayed outside the room just in case she needs help.

Aryaman looked around, it was dark except for a few dim lights here and there.

Aryaman(to himself) : "Where am I? "

Nandu : "Finally you came, I have been waiting for you all these years."

Aryaman : "Who are you? ...and Where am I? "

Nandu : "I am Naina and you are in Aarav's room. "

The moment Aryaman heard Aarav's room, he started feeling nervous. He always avoided coming to this house, even to this town after Aarav died.

Arya remembered the day Aarav died. Though it was so many years since it happened, he hadn't forgotten. That day was as dreadful for him as it was for Aarav and Naina. Things he never expected had happened.

Aryaman : "Who Naina? and How did I come here?"

Nandu came out from her hiding place and stood in such a way that she was visible to Aryaman.Aryaman was taken aback seeing her.

Nandu : "You have forgotten me. I am Aarav's girlfriend. I got you here, the same way  you tricked me and brought me here."


It was the day of the town festival. There was no one at home, since they had gone to attend the festival. Aryaman knew that no one would return home soon that day. He decided to take advantage of that.

Aryaman informed Naina that Aarav fell off the stairs. He told her that Aarav was badly hurt and he wanted to meet Naina. Naina went with Aryaman to Aarav's house without realizing that she was walking into a trap.

During their conversation, Naina came to know that the rest of the family had already gone to the festival.

When they reached home, Aryaman told Naina that Aarav was in his room. He was planning to take Naina to his room, but Naina went towards Aarav's room.

Naina had come there once earlier with Aarav, but hadn't met any of the family members since they weren't around. Aryaman wasn't aware of it.

Aryaman followed Naina to Aarav's room. Once they were inside, Aryaman closed the door of the room.Not finding Aarav in his room,

Naina : "Where is Aarav?"

She turned around and saw Aryaman closing the door, she grew suspicious.

Aryaman's evil eyes had fallen on Naina on the day Aarav introduced Naina.

Aryaman : "Finally I managed to get you alone. I have not been able to resist myself from the day I saw you.I want you. I want to sleep with you."

Naina : "You have misunderstood me. I am not that kind of a girl. I love Aarav and I am only his."

Aryaman : "Aarav won't know about it. I won't tell anyone.I will be going to US soon, so it will remain a secret."

Naina started heading towards the door, knowing that it is of no use talking to him.Aryaman blocked her way.

Naina : "Please let me go.Please."

Aryaman : "I didn't take all the effort to let you go."

Aryaman came closer to her and tried to touch her.Naina moved away from him and tried to escape. She tried to defend herself. She threw whatever came to her hands at him.

Her eyes fell on another door, she opened it thinking that she can escape. But she was trapped with no where to go since it was the balcony. She wasn't aware of it.

Aryaman : "Where will you go now? You can't escape from here, you have to come to me."

Aryaman started moving towards her, Naina started moving back. She was leaning against the railing and pleading to let her go, but Aryaman didn't stop.

In an attempt to escape from him, she lost her balance and fell off the balcony. She died immediately after she hit the ground.

Flashback ends

Aryaman : "How can you be Naina? She died...."

He stopped realizing what he was telling.

Nandu : "Yes, it was because of you I died.I died trying to escape from you. I have been waiting for you since then to take revenge, finally the day has come."

The night time and the eerie settings complemented her acting.

Aryaman began to get scared thinking it was really Naina's ghost since no one knew how Naina died apart from him. He hadn't met Nandini, so he didn't have the slightest idea that it could be someone else and not Naina.

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