Chapter 1

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Cassie's point of view

I've been here for over 8 hours now, I knew Noah needed help with the celebration since he was short on staff this weekend, but I am tired! Noah Garcia is my boss, I work at Barnes and Noble with him. He owns the biggest book store almost in the world! He even writes some books, gets them published and receives millions of views in just a week. When I first meet him, I expected a man who didn't look as fine as he did. I expected the opposite of what Noah is; sexy, built and tall. I thought my boss would be some nerdy male who's never had a girlfriend and still lives with his parents. I was wrong when I meet him years ago.



I walked over to the office door that said "Mr. Garcia". I breathed in one more time and knocked gently, but loud enough for him to hear my knock.

"Come in." Said a deep voice from the other side. I walked in and was shocked to see the man behind this huge business.

"Hi sir, I'm your new assistant Cassie Turner."  

"And I'm your new boss Noah Garcia." He extended his arm forward, I grabbed his hand and shook it lightly. He was smiling more than necessary, he was probably a player on the low, I thought to myself. I watched out for his kind.

"Take a seat." He said eyeing my body up and down. I sat down and he began telling me the rules and what he expects from me.


"Thank you all for coming out tonight, get home safe, and thank you!" I looked over and saw Noah thanking all of those people who had come to support him and even get a preview of his new book 'She didn't see it coming'. I wouldn't know, but I hear his books are pretty good, may be I'll read one soon. I watched as the people left out the doors and walked over to the parking lot across the street from the store. I can finally slack off, yes! I got off the stool I was sitting on and went to the room with all the food and grabbed another cheesecake before it was gone before my eyes. I grabbed the one with the biggest cherry on top.

"You're back on duty, I need help cleaning." I jumped so hard, I almost dropped the cake. I turned around slowly and looked at Noah who was trying to contain his laughter after seeing me jump like that. I gave him the 'what the hell' look. He started laughing obnoxiously, gaining a few stares.

"Sure, I'll help. . just don't scare  the crap out of me like that again?"  

"Deal. . but no promises that was funny crap." I rolled my eyes and walked around him.

"Where do you want me to start?"  

"Far away from the food before you eat it all." I dropped my jaw and he laughed harder. I turned to look at him and smiled.

"Deal. . but no promises." I shook my head still smiling at his comment. Noah isn't like most bosses, he is really actually cool. He's twenty six, only two years older than me, and we are on first name bases. He doesn't let any other worker of his call him by his first name, just me. I never complained, I hate his last name ha ha.

"Let's get to work, it's only us tonight." I looked around and the place was empty enough to hear your own echos.

"Where is your weekend staff at?" Feeling kind of pissed that I was the only worker here.

"Believe it or not, everyone had some kind of excuse."  

"Hm." He started to walk over to me and smiled. He looked me deep in the eyes and grabbed me for a little hug.

"I have the best assistant." He said as he let go before he was bear hugging me.

"I want a raise Noah." I said playfully tapping his noise.

"Right, come to my office when you're done and I'll give you one."  

"I like the way that sounds." We both laughed and went out the snack area and started cleaning.

20 minutes later

"Now that is what I call teamwork." Noah said eyeing the place.

"We need more than two to make up a team." He turned and looked at me.

"You only need two for somethings." He winked at me and my mouth dropped.

"Ha ha, keep that to yourself." I just shook my head, I couldn't even respond.

"So how about that raise?" He said twitching his head to the right where the stairs were. I followed behind him.

"I hope your serious about this."  

"Yeah I am." We got to his office and he opened the door. I walked in first and took a seat. I waited for him to come sit down. He closed the door and it sounded like he just locked it. . .


Authors note: This is my new book 'Mr. Bookworm no good". Hope you all like the first chapter. What do you think will happen next? He locked the door. . . LOL! Noah's point of view is in the next chapter too btw (;

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