Ordinary Girl

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"Oh My Madamoiselle...i am so jealous of you but also thinking that you two will make a cute couple" said Mischellina when Robert left.

"Oh, please, Milady. You are now exaggerating about this," Lona gave one of the annual theater ticket to Mischellina " Here, I am finally able to treat you. You can thank me later" She chuckled.

"He is so gorgeous. You should wear a nice dress on this event to take a chance" said Mischellina

"Peace, Milady, peace.."

Clarins, one of their classmates gave a sinister look at Lona since Robert had a conversation with Lona. All student in the class knew that Clarins had a special feeling on Perth and also being one of Robert fans.

"I do not know that you are much smarter than I have thought, Lona" Clarins faked a smile on Lona. Lona wondered a while then she realized what Clarins refered to.

"I am sorry, Clarins. Please, listen, you got it w-"

"My minithesis advisor mentioned you on our last meeting. She said you are the one who got the best score on cost accounting in her class" Clarins softened her voice. Lona felt sorry to have a negative thinking of what Clarins said before.

"Emh...your advisor must be Mrs. Winston. I am not that smart, I am only good at cost accounting,but i am so fail at other subject..Why did she mention me?"

"My minithesis is related to cost accounting and then she talked about your final assignment on last semester as reference"

"Well, i think that i still have the softcopy of mine. I will send it to your email" Lona offered a help for her

"Oh, thank you, Lona." Said Clarins. She then look toward another girl who sat beside her.

"Oh look...all the time, she pretends like she is the only one girl who do not interested in Robert. You see what did just happened? She even knew his last name is Scorcesse. I wonder how much she did her stalking on him.
She acts like she has a higher dignity than us when she is actually not," Clarins whispered to the girl who sat beside her


Phillip was at home and felt like he is on his mood to reread his philosophy book on his private garden. He searched some philosophy book on his old rack. When he confused about what he should pick first to read, an old album was fell down from the rack. His eyes was directed to the old album and he chose to take a look on it. Then, he sat on the edge of his bed and opened the old album.

On the first page, he saw his 7-year -old sister wore a tomato costume. He smiled brightly remembering about how they used to celebrate the thanksgiving day together with the neighborhood children. He could also see their childhood close friend, named Alex, wore the pinneaple costume that made Mischellina called him the spongebob house.

How is he now? Is he doing well? That question came to his mind. Then, he opened the next page and found a picture of a girl, wore a strawberry costume, who looked like in the same age with his sister. The girl picture made him remembered some memories that burned into his mind.

He was 11 years old when her sister was 7 years old. On the thanksgiving day of that year, he found that his sister was sobbing under the staircase. He asked her "Chellina, why are you crying?"

"There was no one want me to play with because the new girl who just moved in to our cluster" Michellina talked to her brother while closed her eyes with her hands.

"What she did to you?" asked him. Instead of answered his brother, Mischellina cried louder.
"Sssttt....someone will hear you crying. You are not a little girl anymore, but a lady, that is what you have said this afternoon. If so, you do not need to play with those children" Phillip caressed his sister head.
"Wait here, i will bring a piece of cake on the ball room for you.

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