Redney- My blizzard

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Red's POV

I just got home from the office and getting through the blizzard. I always hated the snow and having a blizzard didn't make my day. I've gotten a cold so I went to the shower that was warm so that I can warm myself before movie night with Barney. I'm going to be picking the movie so that just made my day a little better. I least I get to spend with the one I love the most.

Barney's POV

I heard the shower on so I thought it was Red. I saw a little ago entering sneezing so Red might have gotten a cold. Today was movie night and Red always pick the good movies so much don't have to worry about romance or boring movies. I was making popcorn when I heard no shower going on so Red might be out. A little later I saw Red walking down with his red dinosaur onsie. I was already in my purple dinosaur onsie. We both sat down after Red picked the movie. I smiled half way. "Hey Red" I said. "Yeah Barney" Red said. "You know how a blizzard is happening right now?" I asked. "Yes why?" He asked. "That might be someones blizzard because" I said and began to kiss him. "I'm your blizzard" I said and kept kissing. "Oh no. Someone save me from this blizzard" He said sarcastic. I luaghed and kept kissing him. "I love you Red" I said. "Love you to Barney" He responded. 

Hey Lovers. I have a few things to say. 1. I don't have WIFI in my house so I might have to post at school until I get the WIFI back up. 2. This one shot is a quick one shot and I had no idea where I was going with this one. 3. Do you guys like my books? Answer truthfully because I hate liers in the comments. Thanks for reading and have a great day. Luna out.

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