New guy, First Day of School

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Tao's POV


*Okay, I need locker 2342-A, this is the 1000's section.*

I'm Tao, recently turned 18 and recently moved this school. I know absolutely nobody. But I kind of know a guy named Kris.. Not like I've ever seen or met him. Hehe, I guess that doesn't count then.>.< Stupid Author! It doesn't count unless I meet him!^^

As I was walking through the schools hallways looking for my locker I noticed a group of girls. Don't want to be near them, but my locker number is there! I can see it. Argh.. Author-nim, why would you do this to me??

Kris' POV


"Oppa! Oppa! Go out with me?" "Ani! Oppa let's go eat somewhere." "Oppa be mine!"

*Im going to to go deaf because of all these girls! They already know I'm gay!*

"Girls.. You already know my answer. So.. Stop. Asking. Me."

I turned around and glared at them. They only backed away like 2 cm but that's all. These girls.. OMG! I'm so frustrated. As I was checking myself out I heard some girls gasp and move to my right. I looked at them and they pointed. I heard someone opening their locker. I hesitantly looked to my left, hoping it wasn't a girl. To my surprise it wasn't! It was this tall guy... (But I'm taller) and he had eyebags but it made him look cuter. I would so tap that. He noticed me staring at him, but he blushed and bowed his head.

"Annyeong. I'm Tao!" He said cheerfuly, also cute might I add.

"Kris." I bowed back too."

Ah! You're Kris! I'm new but I've heard a lot about you." That got my attention.

"Like what?" Tao stood and once again he blushed. "How tall, sexy, and athletic looking you are.."

"Oh." Tao stood there, then it seemed like he shifted uncomfortably. "Well.. I should go to my class!^^"

"OMG! Oppa you're so cute!"

The girls behind moved closer to Tao, fangirling over his cuteness. They literally pushed themselves on him! Wait.. Am I getting jealous? No.. No..?

"Ya!" I yelled. "Move away from him." I pushed through the girls and stood in front of Tao.

"Aw, Oppa jealous?" "I think him and Tao would be the perfect couple." "So cute."

I blushed at what the girls were commenting. Tao tapped my shoulder from behind and whispered, "Are you gay?"


"Yeah. He's gay yet we still try to get him to date us." One of the girls said.

Tao then wrapped his arms around my waist and gave me a back hug. "I think we do look good together!^^" he said out loud.

The girls started fangirling and taking pics. Tao whispered another thing.. So silent I thought I misheard him, "I'm gay too." He then let go and walked off waving.

Wow, I think I may like him. Well.. Better go to Chemistry.

No ones POV


Kris walked in his Chemistry classroom sitting in the back just as Tao entered. Since Tao was new, he still had trouble finding his classroom. He introduced himself and sat where the teacher told him to sit, right beside Kris.

"Hi Kris!" Kris looked up and almost fell. "Tao? This your first hour?"

"Yes.. Were you not listening?" Kris shook his head. "Shame shame." Tao whispered.

"OK! Class we'll be watching a movie since our classes are shortened. He turned off the lights and started the movie. Kris took this as a chance.

"So, Tao, where'd you move from?"


"You're Chinese? Me too."

"Really? Wow!^^" Tao nearly yelled. The teacher looked back and Tao looked down and blushed. Kris focused all his attention to Tao.

"He's so cute. I want to fuck him." Tao looked up and gasped.

"What?" Kris asked.

"I'm cute? You want to fuck me?" Kris widened his eyes.

"I said that out loud?"

"Loud enough for me to hear."

"..sorry.." Kris mumbled.

Tao scooter closer and rested his hand on Kris' thigh. He whispered in Kris' ear saying, "You look so hot, I want you in me."

Kris got hard. Tao started rubbing his thigh and moved closer to the hardened member. He rubbed his hand over it slowly and gently. Making Kris harder.

"Fuck Tao, stop teasing me. "

Tao kissed Kris' neck. "But you're so sexy." Kris fell backwards making a loud noise. Tao pulled back and ran to Kris.

"Are you okay? Sir? Can I take him to the nurse?" The teacher approved and Tao took Kris out of the room.

They were walking towards the nurses office when Tao made a turn.


"I can't wait anymore." Kris gave a confused look but then smiled. He ran towards Tao and gave him a backhug.

"I know where we can go." Kris led Tao out of school to his place. "Won't we get in trouble? Leaving school?"

Kris chuckled. "Would you rather get caught having sex?" Tao shook his head. "Just what I thought."

They entered Kris' room and Tao immediately pushed Kris on the bed, laying him down as Tao put his legs on each side of Kris, grinding on him. Tao removed his shirt as he and Kris were having a full tongue on tongue make out session.




OMG! Tao and Kris getting it on!! You guys want the smut part right?? Of course you do! That's why I won't make you wait long and I'll update as soon as I can later today!^^

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