Chapter Thirteen: Late Night "Shopping"

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I followed Selina out of the school and into the town. I felt fine at first, but the sky began to darken and I was beginning to get worried.

Finally, Selina stopped at a store. She looked at me with a smirk, "Are you ready?"
I didn't know what she meant, so I didn't reply. She lead me into the store, with the shop register already sleepy.

"Take whatever you want, there's no cameras in this store," She giggled, taking some chips and candy, shoving them into her bags.
"What? No, this is illegal!" I tried to yell, but I had to whisper.
"Not if you get away with it," She grinned at me and continued shoving whatever in her bag.

I walked around the store, checking if there's something I'd like to buy. I saw a few chewing gum, so I guess that'll do. I checked my pocket for money and saw that I had the perfect amount. Good.

I looked from left to right, checking if there was anyone present. Selina was right, there were no cameras. I stealthily grabbed a piece of gum and unwrapped it from it's wrapper, quickly putting it in my mouth. I hid the wrapper behind the other boxes of chewing gum. I took a box and decided to pay for that one.

I went over to the counter, waiting for the shop register to finally acknowledge my existence. Selina had caught up with me, empty-handed. Although, I knew she had plenty of stuff in her bag.

"I'll take this," I said, putting the box on the counter. The shop register looked up and nodded, taking the box and scanning it. I waited for a while when I saw his watch.
It was a Goldsworth product
"That'd be twelve cents, child," The shop register said in a raspy voice. I dropped him some cents and he gave the box to me in a plastic bag, along with a receipt.

I left without another word, Selina following after me. I slid the box into my purse, throwing the plastic and receipt away.
"I can't believe you stole those stuff!" I yelled under my breath once we were far from the store.
"I can't believe you ate one gum at the store, one gum, but payed for the rest," She replied, rolling her eyes. I groaned and headed for the school.

I stopped in front of the gates, which were closed. Selina caught up next to me, looking at me with disbelief.
"Are you hesitating?" She laughed, before grabbing onto one of the bars and beginning to climb. I looked at her and decided that I had no choice, so I followed her example.

Once we reached the top, I easily jumped to the ground, but Selina looked like she was having a hard time.
"Here, I'll catch you," I offered, holding out my hands. She looked like she didn't trust me, but she jumped off anyway. I had managed to catch her with my hands, but both of stumbled back. Somehow, we had managed to giggle at that.

We stood up and headed for the main doors. Sure enough, it was locked.
"Windows?" Selina suggested, but I looked around for another way. I was sure the windows would've been locked as well.
"No, up there," I pointed at the roof, "If we manage to climb up there, we can get to the courtyard at the other side."
"Oh, yeah," Selina nodded at my idea.
"You go first," I said, and she began to climb the windowsills, I went after her.

We reached the roof and stepped over the railings. Selina went to check if the doors were locked, and sure enough, they were. I beckoned for her to follow me, and I began climbing down to the courtyard. The windowsills were harder to reach from here, but I was good at acrobatics so it was nothing to me. I reached the ground in no time, and Selina looked a bit nervous. I whispered encouragements to her until she reached the green grass. I smiled and we headed for the girls' dormitories. These were the parts that weren't locked. Selina stopped at her room and waved goodbye at me, I smiled and said goodbye as well. Then, I headed for my room.

I tried the knob, and the door opened easily. Huh, Aquarius probably forgot to lock it... Or did she leave it open for me? I shrugged it off and entered, closing the door and locking it.

Aquarius was lying on her bed, asleep. She had her earphones on and a history book in her hand, she must've been studying for tomorrow. She didn't change into her night clothes and she was at the verge of falling off her bed, so I went over to her. I took the book and layed it on her bedside table. I picked her up like a bride and adjusted her position on her bed.

I smiled when she snuggled into her pillow adorably. She was one of those distant people who looked cute while asleep, huh? I hope we become better friends soon.

I changed into some more comfortable clothes for the night and flopped on my bed, wrapping myself with the warm comforter. I yawned, and realized, the light of the sun was beginning to shine.

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