3: Happy Place

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    Once she was shown to her room she closed the door to be alone. Sitting on the floor she opened the suitcase in front of her. The clothes she had was completely different than what she seen the children wear.

"It's time for dinner." Jumping slightly she looked toward the door where the boy who had been slightly rude to her dad stood.

"There's this thing called Enoching," she said making herself laugh slightly at her own horrible joke.

"Hilarious, come down," Enoch said as he rolled his eyes.

"I'm not hungry so no thanks," she said as she began to pull out some of her clothes from her bag.

"Well that's not an option. Miss Peregrine wants us all at dinner, don't make me call Bronwyn," he threatened her making her scoff.

"What is a little girl going to do?" She asked separating her jeans from her shirts.

"Bronwyn!" Enoch yelled before tiny footsteps being heard running down the hallway quickly.

"Yes?" She asked with a smile as she stared up at Enoch.

"Can you carry Cara Maria to the dining room? She's tired from the flight," Enoch said with a small fake pout.

"I'm fine really," Cara Maria started. It was nose use, Bronwyn was already placing her arms under Cara's legs to lift her up, "Oh my god. You're like two feet tall."

"Where do you want her Enoch?" Bronwyn asked holding onto Cara Maria tightly as everyone stared at them with confusion.

"Let's seat her by me," Enoch smirked as Bronwyn follows his orders.

"Good job," Enoch patted Bronwyn's head as she giggled and walked back to her own chair.

"Cara Maria I love your hair," Emma said in admiration to the raven color, "My hair is so light and boring."

"It's beautiful," Cara Maria smiled as she looked down at the twins next to her.

A small tug on Cara Maria's hair made her head to the side slightly as one of the twins pulled on it to get a closer look. The twins let out sounds that resembled giggles as they twisted it in their hands.

"Let Cara Maria eat," Miss Peregrine ordered the two causing them to let go almost immediately.

She looked down at the dead bird below her. She began thinking, Miss Peregrine was a bird but she was about to eat bird. Bird then led her think about the movie,  'The Nutty Professor', where he had a bad dream that he was a giant. He ended up breaking into a room just to steal a chicken leg. It was so tiny in his hands it made her laugh out loud.

Everyone turned to her as she stared down at her food with a smile, "Sorry."

"Apology not accepted," Enoch muttered under his breath as he played with his peas.

"Enoch," Miss Peregrine warned.

"What do you think your Peculiar is?" Hugh asked with a big smile.

"You don't know what it is? Mines fire!" Olive said softly.

"Can you burn me alive?" Enoch muttered under his breath again.

"Enoch," Olive shook her head with a small smile.

"Miss Peregrine have you heard any news from Jake and when he'd be returning again?" Emma asked with hope in her voice.

"Who's Jake?" Cara Maria asked.

"The best person to ever exist," Enoch said sarcastically, "Just a peach."

"I love peaches," Cara Maria mumbled as she made circles into her mashed potatoes.

"No Emma but I assume it'd be some time soon," Miss Peregrine smiled, "Maybe Jacob and Cara Maria could become friends since they're from the same time."

"Wait really?" She asked with widened eyes.

"No she's just lying," Enoch answered her. With a small roll of her eyes she looked toward a door. The phone began to ring from the other side and everyone smiled.

"I'll be back," Miss Peregrine said with a smile.

"Our hair color is the same," Enoch said lifting up some of her hair, "I don't understand why everyone is freaking out about yours when mine is curly."

She turned to him glaring, "Is there a possibility you could, like, go away?"

"Mmm," he pretended to think, "Not likely since I'm stuck in this loop forever."


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