The moment I walked in, I found people staring at me. Well, maybe its just because I'm wearing a handmade shirt that says 'I♥GreysonChance' , a pair of shorts and converse in a fancy restaurant. Its like watching a clown waked in Sephora to buy make up. I quickly walked across the tables and tried looking for Greyson. I can't see him anywhere. 

"YEAH ITS OVER, AND WE'RE THROUGH. SO IMMA UNFRIEND YOUUUU.' Suddenly, my phone rand and the super loud ringtone made me jump. The whole restaurant looked at me and gave me the 'seriously?' face. I was so embarrased. 'I cant even... I need to find Greyson now!' I thought to myself. I looked at my phone screen and it was a message that say 'behind you' from Greyson. I looked behind and saw Greyson in disguise. He's wearing a cap and a pair of sunglasses. No wonder I can't find him. Wait he's laughing ar me? Oh no.This is embarassing.

'Hey, lets go upstairs. We'll have more privacy and I'm dying here. I feel so not me.' he whispered. I nodded and we went upstairs together. The 2nd floor of he restaurant was huge and there's only a table for 2 in the middle. It was beautiful! Greyson then took off his cap and his sunglasses.Then he messed his hair up and recomb it with his hands. He's so hot. I can't resist. Take a deep, Jessica, Take a deep breath.

'Haha, I feel like me again.' he said. I can't belive we're in the same room, beathing the same air and i'm here wearing a 'I heart GreysonChance' shirt while he's just standing infront of me. He pulled out a chair for me and I sat down.

'Nice shirt. I like it, really. And that ringtone, awesome! ' he teased.

'Hey,I'm your No.1 Enchancer here.' I said, pointing to my shirt and pretending to be angry then stood up from my chair.

'Sorry,sorry. Was just kitten about that. I really like the shirt. Thanks for being my number 1 fan. Appreciate it.' Greyson said while smiling. He's sooo adorable i can't even take my eyes off him.

'I wasn't even angry. I just can't belive im here. You see. Its like so fairytale. I'm so afraid that I wake up in the morning and this is just a dream.' I said. Greyson looked at me for awhile and step one step ahead and hugged me. It feels so good. Damn life's great. Greyson is actually hugging me. Oh my god, This is so fairytale. He's hugging me. Its REAL. Greyson hugged me. This is unbelieveable. Thins kinda things only happens in fairytale stories. I was stoned. Deep inside, my head's exploding and my heart's jumping like its gonna stop any minute. Suddenly,Greyson pulled away.

'Sorry, I just felt like hugging you. So, uh, what's your name? I haven't got the chace to ask you just now.' Greyson asked

'Jessica. My name's Jessica. And yours? Oh what am i saying? You're Greyson Michael Chance.' I said, face turning red. Greyson laughed and pull out the chair for me. I sat down and Greyson called the waiter to serve the dishes. 

During lunch, we talked, we laughed and we told each other our stories. That moment didn't felt like a fan-idol meeting. It felt so non awkward like we're already some really good friends. Greyson gives me a weird feeling. I feel comfortable around him.

After lunch, Greyson suggested that we should go for a walk in the park next to the restaurant and i said yes. There's no way i'll be rejecting invite from someone as hot and as cute as Greyson. After Greyson paid the bills, he put his disguise tools back on. Then, we head off to the park. While crossing the busy road, Greyson held my hand and walk me to the other side of the road. We crossed the road safely and he let go of my hand. I was just staring at him, blushed. He kept quiet and smiled at me. 

While we're walking in the park, some people recognized Greyson and asked to take a photo with him. He agreed and started taking photos with them. I'm left standing there stupidly still wondering if the whole treating me lunch, hugged me and Greyson held my hand thing's real.

'Phew, Im finally done. My fans are hardcore. They can regconize me even I'm in disguise. So sorry, I didn't mean to leave you standing here.' He apologized.

'Its okay. Your disguise is simple. You have to work on it. But no matter how hard you try to hide yourself, I'll still recognize you. Don't forget I'm your Number 1 enchancer here!' I said. Then Greyson asked if we could take a few photos together. I agreed and pull out my phone from my pocket and took a few funny pictures with Greyson. Greyson also pulled out his BlackBerry and took a few picture of us.

'Yeah, Oh Jessica. Can I ask you a question? Why didn't you for for the meet and greet the other day?' Greyson asked. I didn't know how to answer. I have no idea.

'I-I gave the passes to the girls. They were crying and asked if I could give them my passes, so i gave them the passes. I wanted to meet you too but i only had 2 passes.' I said, face turning red-ish like a tomato. 

'But in your note, you said you tried really hard to win those passes. Why did you let the chance slip away?' He popped another question for me to answer.

'I think the girls needed to meet you. It seems like they wanted it more than i do. Plus, Im a year older than you. People thinks I can never meet you. With my looks and all. I really never thought I can have lunch with you or having some alone time like now. I though i'll be the one you'll never know that I exist. You completed my dreams, Greyson.' I cried right after i said that. No, i wasn't crying because im sad. But because im happy. Its the tears of joy. The moment I realized I was crying in front of Greyson, I quickly wiped my tears away and apologized for being such a cry baby. He hugged me again and said.

'Don't think that way ever again. Age doesn't matter at all. Now,I'm really glad to meet you. You're the one really special girl among all the girls I've met. And, you're beautiful. Whoever thinks you're not is just jello. I'm so lucky to have you as a fan. I appreciate you a lot. Means alot to me. Thank you very much, my no 1 enchancer.' Once he finished, he hugged me tighter. I can't explain why but I felt like he doesn't wanna let go. I wished the time stops here. Right now. The most amazing moment of my life.

'Jessica, I have to tell you something really important.' Greyson said in a serious tone. 

'Yes? What do you wanna tell me?' I look at him and asked. Im curious of what he wanted to tell me. He wants me to marry him? Wait,we're both too young to be married. What could it be?

'I-I-I really think you're special. I...I think I...' he stopped. Then we turn around and saw a group of girls chasing after us and screaming Greyson's name. 

'I better run. I'm sorry I can't send you home. I'll call Dan to send you. I'm so sorry. I call or text you soon? ' Greyson asked. I nodded. Greyson smiled at me and gave me a quick hug. Then he ran away. I was left there waiting for Dan.

'Jessica? Is that you?' I turned around and saw Grace and Emma standing behind me. They were one of the girls chasing after Greyson but stopped because they saw me. 

'Grace. Emma. Uh, Hi?' I said. I have no idea what can i say now. I don't wanna explain the whole Greyson and I thing. I'm not even sure. 

A few minutes later, Dan arrived and I asked if he could sent all of us home.He agreed and we climbed into his Mercedes. Grace and Emma are my besties. We're all Enchancers. On the way home, Grace and Emma kept asking about what happened at the park. They didn't know that I was with Greyson when everyone's chasing after him. They thought I was one of the fans going after Greyson. I don't wanna lie to them but I can't tell anyone this. Im not that kind of girl that brags about meeting Greyson and all. All I told them was ' I dunno.' 

After Dan sent Emma and Grace home, he started talking.

'Oh, Greyson asked for your number. He forgotten to ask from you. And he wanted me to tell you that he's okay and he's really glad to meet you.' Then, he passed me his phone. 

'oh, okay. Here's my number. I'm glad to meet him too. Today was a crazy day. I hope this is not a dream. Ha-ha.' I said while punching my number into Dan's phone. 

'Don't worry. This whole thing is real. Boss seems to be really interested in you. You're special. Like i said.' Dan's car stopped infront of my house.

'Oh, i'm home. Thank you, Dan. For everything. Tell Greyson I said thanks too. Goodbye.' I stepped out of the car and waved Dan goodbye.

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